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Help! Strong temptation to cheat today!

I woke up with a headache, stomach ache and feeling sick! Yet at the same time feel ravenous! I went to work, had a rubbish day, spilt milk all over my uniform, felt brain befuddled and very tempted to eat a biscuit but I managed to resist. Then I thought what the hell I will have some chocolate sponge pudding but when I had finished my duties it was all gone! Which I was glad about because that means I haven't broken my calorie plan today! Yet!!

I went out for my exercise and had thoughts of ordering a Domino's pizza! Or making myself an apple crumble with cream! Part of me fancies tomato soup!!

I've been in control of my diet for so long now and happy with my food and calorie limit! This is very unlike me! So I am on the fence between thinking my body is wanting something extra because I'm not feeling well? Or whether feeling ill is weakening my willpower and I should try extra hard not to give in??

I don't know what to do! !!

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Go for the tomato soup hun! Dont ruin your hard work! :-) x

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I suppose tomato soup is the way forward. But I know if I am having a colitis flare up all I can manage is wine gums.

My mum always got a craving for fizzy drinks just before a migraine.

Take care of yourself this evening. Do something nice for yourself


Thanks for the replies! I ended up having a crumble but I have changed around some of my calorie plan options so I won't be over my limit for the week.

The crumble was ok but not as good as I was expecting so it got me over my craving without wanting more!


I do love a crumble.

Glad you feel a bit brighter

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I sometimes feel the same.

I would go with the 'cheat' food but possibly in moderation.

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