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Beginning my weight loss Journey


Hi Everyone,

I’m 17 and I weigh over 200 pounds. Being fat was always a concern of mine and something that I had to deal with for a long time. Criticism about my weight became a second nature of mine and I want to change my life permanently. My mum is a type 2 diabetic and I have every intention avoiding that at such a young age. I find myself tired from moving place to place and my weight is impacting my relationship with my friends and family. I’m Joining the NHS healthy weight loss programme, I hope to join a community that i can relate to and hopefully have people,who can help me with my journey x

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Heya and welcome!

You are really lucky to be here at 17! I wish I had thought about and got in control of my weight at a much younger age as the skin is more elastic and supple!!

Good news is you can do it!! 9 months ago I was 216lbs. Now I am 142lbs with a goal of 134lbs or so.

So firstly, don't set yourself unrealistic goals. It won't happen over a few weeks!

Secondly, use the NHS BMI calculator to tell you where you are and where you should be for your height and age.

Thirdly, exercise!! Diet alone didn't work for me. Just walking to start with can make a huge difference! Stick your music on and go for 30 mins brisk walk at least once a day! I also recommend trying the couch 2 5k program. Changed my life and gave me a love for exercise. There is also a great supportive forum on here too for it.

Lastly, dieting, calorie counting, food mindfulness... Whatever you choose has to be something you like and can see yourself sticking with! Personally I started with the 5.2 diet then moved to daily calorie counting. I still eat lots of chocolate and 'treat' foods so dieting doesn't mean going without! Just limited! If you are interested I wrote a website recently about my loss and tips!

I’m amazed by the weight you’ve lost and thank you so much CrimsonMama. I really value your advice. How long do you do 5.2 diet and when do you think it’s best to cheat whilst losing?

CrimsonMama6 stone
in reply to Changemylife4good

I did the 5:2 on and off for about a year but I would only lose so much then get stuck, lose motivation and put on again. However with exercise it worked and that was from October until about April before I switched to daily calorie counting.

As for cheat days, I had a take away once a week and still lost weight. But eventually cut down just because I prefer my own meals more these days and feeling fitter and healthier. But its a gradual process so no need to cut out all treats from the start!

Thank you so much 😊


Hello and welcome Changemylife4good

Well done on taking the first step, as others have said, the sooner the better and I’m sure with the help and encouragement from this lovely forum you will succeed 😊

You will have been given links to our security post and pinned posts in your Welcome message, please read them them carefully, especially the Welcome Newbies post. This is a very busy forum with lots going on so please ask if you have any questions 😊

Best Wishes in your weight loss journey

Indigo 😊

Thank you so much x

in reply to Changemylife4good

You’re welcome 😊

Welcome welcome welcome!

Hope to see you lots around the forum.

I feel very overwhelmed and surprised with the responses, looks like I will be sticking around

Thank you so much

Everyone here is rooting for you!

Thanks you so much @PortlandPrincess

Hello and welcome Changemylife4good. As CrimsonMama says, you're lucky to have joined at 17, I wish I'd done something about my weight earlier, I spent many years being unhappy about myself, and wish I'd started this journey years ago. It is going to be difficult, but you can do it. Focus on thinking about the healthy foods that you like most, so then you can still eat the things you enjoy (rather than focus on what you can't have). Good luck - you've made a start now, so things will only get better (as the song says, though you're probably too young to know that!).

I can relate to that so much and thank you for wishing me the best and Same for you xxx

Maria821Restart Jan 2020

Hi there you sound like a very mature 17 year old. Well done for coming on here and i am sure with your focus and great attitude you will get results. I would just add that you may want to focus on being outside in the summer with your friends. Get them into walking and cycling everywhere. The weight will soon drop off. Best of luck x

Thanks, I really appreciate your advice and yes, I’m start my journey alongside my friends in gym this summer.

I think I was about 200 pounds when I was a teenager... but that was 50 years ago, and I am a 6' 3" male!

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