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What am I doing wrong


Lost 13lbs in 13 weeks but stayed same for 5 of those weeks. Did 5.5 mile walk and stayed same, did 3.5 mile walk week after and put on 1.5lbs😥😥 & this week did 3.5 mile walk and lost 4lbs? What I'm I doing wrong to have gained xx

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Haven't been on site for a while that's why weight loss shows different

I'm not 100% certain what you're trying to say Jinny. I do know that people here are going to tell you that, losing 13lbs in 13 weeks is about the perfect weight loss rate and I'd agree with them... well done :) I know when you weighed in a couple of Thursdays ago you had a loss of over 2lbs which was great going :)

The body isn't a mechanical machine and weight loss is unlikely to be a straight line slope. Some weeks we may lose more than average and sometimes none at all.

I am slightly confused as to why you're linking walking with the possibility of losing weight. To lose one pound of weight through exercise alone you would have to burn 3500 cals. On average, to burn that many calories through walking, you would have to walk over 40 miles.

Congrats on your walks as they will help you be healthier yet it is mostly going to be managing what you eat that is going to have the most impact on your weight.

I'm afraid I didn't understand the last couple of lines. You say that this week that you lost 4lbs and then ask why you've gained. On the whole I'd say that all is going well and that body weight fluctuations are normal, potentially more so in women.


As Tiggerr says, weight loss is much more related to what we eat than to exercise.

Why not make use of the Daily Diary to post your meal plans for the next couple of weeks? You will get some helpful pointers there

Weight loss can get to a plateau. Also, when you lose weight, you gradually need less calories as you sustain a lighter body.

Continue with the right eating and exercise, I you will see results.

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Thank you Elizabeth

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If you are eating correctly then id change the exercise a bit for a week or two to get you off the plateau. try a more hit based workout, sprint walk sprint walk etc etc that will keep you changing your pace and bring you up through the fat burn and crab burn rates that your heart goes through because it beats at different speeds.

Keep going!!!

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