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Daily Diary Monday 6th May

Hello everyone!

I am still following the 5:2 diet & have to say it’s been brilliant so far & is fitting in with my lifestyle. This past week I have done 3 fast days as I had a wedding yesterday & wanted to try & lose that bit more.

I have no problem sticking to my fast days at 500 cals each. I really do look forward to my dinner though.No exercise tomorrow

Welcome everyone & especially any new starters!

This is where we post our meal plan for the following day with if possible our calorie count for each meal and the total calorie range for the day.

I find it a great source of inspiration for myself.

If you are planning to exercise it would be very useful to tell us what you have planned.

Please can I ask you all to comment on at least one other persons post. If you are able to respond to more, that would be great!

So tomorrow is a non fast day for me so, aiming for about 1900 cals.

Bfast - Porridge with fresh raspberries & blueberries

Lunch - Chilli chicken wrap

Greek yogurt with stewed apple, cinnamon & pumpkin seeds

Dinner - Cod in batter, mushy peas, sweet potato fries & green salad

Haven’t counted calories yet!

Water intake 3 litres

No exercise tomorrow

Have a great bank holiday Monday everyone!

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Hi dazzle, thank you for hosting and pleased youre getting away with the 5:2, I do 16/8 and lchf , so tomorrow for me is;

Lunch - bacon, sausage, egg and mushrooms

Dinner - burger and chicken kebab on a bed of avocado, olive and feta salad with a greek yoghurt for desert.

Have a good Bank Holiday Monday everyone ! :-) x

Hi Lytham, do you do any fasts for a day?

No, I skip breakfast and dont eat till lunch, but im ready for it then, think I would struggle to go longer? :-) x

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The mushroom and corriander burgers were are great success BTW.

Oh good , pleased about that, well done you ! :-) x

What a lovely menu Lytham.

I am at a loss for food tomorrow so I am going to pinch your menu and adapt it.

Ha ha ! Feel free ! :-) x

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Mmmm good food Lytham. 😊

Thanks hun, are you all packed? :-) x

I am and Raring to go.😊

Ha ha! What time are you setting off ? :-) x

Around 9.30 am. Just to get up have shower and a bit of brekkie them we are going. 😊😊

Oh lovely, exciting ! :-) x

That all sounds delicious!

Well the other half is doing the cooking tomorrow so it stands a better chance ! :-) lolx

Good .Enjoy 😊

Thank you for hosting dazzle.

Tomorrow will look like this

B- dandelion tea

Lunch- poached egg with left over lemon and caper hollendaise sauce and mushrooms and purple sprouting broccoli

Tea- mushroom and corriander burgers with home made guacamole and rocket salad.

I am going for a chocolate free day but I have half a bar of peppermint cream if I want it.

Excercise will be just a walk and some physio.

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That's sealed it, will buy some purple sprouting broccoli this week :) Hope the physio goes well.

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Ah they must have been nice, there they are again, enjoy! :-) x

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Your food sounds really good enjoy BlueMat. 😊😊

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Delish supper bluemat

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Hi! Your menu sound delicious 😋

I’m brand new to 5 : 2 as of tomorrow. Starting with a fast day.

Strawberries and an orange for breakfast 150 calories

Lunch : half carton heniz soup of the day 98 calories

Dinner : m&s cheese and tomato pasta 250 calories

I know I’m not going to find this easy but believe it’s the best way forward to controlling what I’m currently doing which is eating WAY to much!!!

Nice to see you on the Daily Diary. I think sharing your plan really helps to make it stick. And the members on here are really helpful. Good luck with 5:2. I have Kate Harrison's book and read a bit on holiday. Will you split your fast days up? Love M & S food, had a beetroot mousse recently, so good.

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I will split my fast days. It will be trial and error to begin with to see what’ works for myself. Might do them together next week.


Have been coming on DD for three months, every week changing and cutting until I have got to something healthy I can live with. The meals I eat now are very different to what I started with.


Well done hopalong. Enjoy tai chi

Beetroot mousse. Yum. I have also been making pea pesto and pea dip

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Good luck with your fast ! :-) x


Thank you. 🙂

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Welcome to the Daily Diary and your first day. I wish you well. 😊

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Hello dazzle and all, thank you for hosting. Your fish dish sounds lovely. I am in my summer challenge 21 day keto kick start, from the book Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore and Dr Eric Westman, Day 8 tomorrow

Brunch Spinach, mushrooms, avocado, cashews and salmon

AS bacon, cheese, baby gem lettuce and cucumber

EM Tofu, beansprouts, pepper, okra,aubergine, Greek yoghurt and chai

Hot drinks

Walking and tai chi. Enjoy your Monday!


That menu looks delicious. Have a great day!


Hiya skinny! Looking good girl!

I cant get enough greek yoghurt, some days I have an extra one !! :-) x

It is lovely isn't it. Deffo better than Mel Gibson :)

Ha ha ! I forgot about him once I peeled the lid off :-) x lol

Great flavour combos Hopalong. You've got me rethinking my own plan.

Am honoured. It gets you like that DD :)

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Every thing on your menu sounds good Hopalong1😊

I'm also about a week into the keto induction thingie. How are you finding it?

I think I am allowing a bit of artistic license, the things I have learnt in the first twelve weeks are important to me and I am incorporating those things. This week I want to look at lowering carbs to 10-30%, protein 15% and get fats up, but easier said than done. If nothing else, it has got me to read the book and I have enjoyed that. How are you doing?

I've gone cold turkey and completely cut out everything except dairy, fats, meat, nuts and green vegetables. It is not easy but it's easier than just trying to reduce calories and continuing to eat the same foods as I did. I have come to realise I was (am) a sugar addict. I don't like the feeling that something has that much control over me. I would literally get irate sometimes when I'd have sugar cravings - I realise now that was not hunger, hunger comes on slowly and is more bearable. With this new way of eating, my hunger is more like that, although I am still getting cravings. I found a couple of days hard when I was just in the house and wasn't that busy. However, yesterday I was really busy doing things I enjoy and food did not bother me in the slightest. Might sound dramatic but I think sugar addiction is very similar to any other addiction and you need something to replace it with, so being bored round the house is not a good idea! I haven't cheated once though.

I've only lost 1 lb, but I know I look less bloated, I've lost a couple of inches off my waist and I feel 'lighter'.

All in all going well.

Well done. Sugar is a hard one to conquer. I was eating three chocolate bars, crisps, red coke, sometimes two cans, six slices of bread, potatoes each day and wine. Am surprised I am still alive. I had had several demoralising stints with lf diet classes and resigned myself to just being big. I came across this site by chance researching pre diabetes and thought, what have I got to lose. When I stopped the obvious sugars, I wasn't a pretty sight. But I feel better every week. Someone told us yesterday my green carbs were 4.5 spoons of sugar, but I will take advice on if that's what needs cutting next. In percentage terms am 13% carbs, 69% fat 18% protein today. We did have a carrot in the bolognese, my husband cooked and I didn't have the heart to say no. It was very tasty. That is my slip, 1/2 a carrot. I think this is a learning curve. Have managed to up my calories at brunch today, trying to stay in BMI allowance of 1812- 2300 calories. I wish you well.

Thanks for hosting, dazzle. I hope the wedding was lovely. Wow, that yogurt/stewed apples/pumpkin seed combo sounds delicious!

I had a busy weekend but stuck to my plan, so I was really happy. Tomorrow:

B: almond berry smoothie (400)

L: cod with olive tapenade and cooked veggies (400)

Sn: veggies and artichoke hearts (300)

Dinner: steak and salad (700)

Exercise; run and long walk

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Well done for sticking with it when you were busy ! Youve definitely got your 5 a day in there ! :-) x

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Well done for sticking to your plan this weekend. I'm sure you'll see the results. Lovely sounding lunch too, I do like an olive tapenade. Enjoy!

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Looking good, are you feeling full? Have a good day!

Hi Hopalong1, not sure if this was for me or dazzle, but I’ll answer (cheeky). Yes, I’m feeling full with my calories up at 1800 this week. I’m keeping up with the fats and down on the carbs and that is really helping. Today I missed lunch (the only thing available was pizza, really). I wasn’t hungry though. I thought about putting in the calories for dinner, but didn’t. I did add some cream to my baked apple with almond butter dessert... very satisfying!

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It was meant for you, Juppy. Must be something in the weather. I slept through lunch today. Pudding sounds delicious. I like fruit and cream.

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I can't wait until I can have such things as baked apples! That sounds absolutely YUM. Baked apples are one of my all time faves!

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Well, you can have a baked apple the way I did it! I am on low carb so the one apple tastes really sweet and I don’t add sugar or artificial sweeteners. I also always add fat to my carbs to prevent a blood sugar spike and craving a lot more. I love almond butter, so I removed the core and filled with 1 1/2 tablespoons almond butter and baked 20 minutes in the oven. 200 calories. I also thought of filling it with chopped pecans and butter. I also think just baking the apple and pouring 3 Tablespoons cream would work for me (200 calories again). These recipes aren’t quite as lush as a sugar-filled baked apple, but I really enjoyed it and I had the benefit that without using sugar or artificial sweeteners, I didn't feel hungry or want more afterwards.

Oh wait, I just remembered you might be doing LCHF induction, in which you can’t really have an apple. Sorry about that. The advantage of your plan is that you will lose a lot without cravings and when you are able to have an apple again it will taste very sweet!

Yes, that's right. I'm about a week in so next week I'm planning to introduce berries and a limited amount of fruit. Baked apple, fantastic idea! Can't wait.

Yes, sorry about that! Of course you already know all that. I did nothing but berries for 4 weeks. Last week I introduced 1/2 apple on a salad, and then a full apple last night. I’m gradually testing my ability to introduce a few carbs without getting hunger/cravings.

Yeah good idea. I'm planning to do a sort of similar thing!

I suspect I will be good with a small amount of whole grains and starchy vegetables, and fruit as I have followed a similar diet before (Gillian McKeith) and lost 1.5 stone! That was 13 years ago when I was 20, though. My metabolism is different now and I've had 5-6 years of sugar overload since then and a whole lot of stress. My reason for doing the keto thing is to get a handle on the sugar addiction and probably messed up hormones from that and the stress. I want to start addressing the emotional aspects of my eating as well but have no idea where to start! I'm very, very determined though.

All sounds very good. For the emotional side of eating, I had a lot of success with the Beck Diet Solution by Judith Beck. It’s not an eating plan (you choose your eating diet separately), it’s a psychological plan to support you on whatever diet you are doing.

Oh wow, thank you. Will check that out.

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Thanks for hosting dazzle. Well done for sticking with the 5:2. I've never tried it myself but my aunt uses it now and then, with success. The stewed apple is a great idea for dessert, good call!

I'm aiming for healthy meals and going easy on carbs.

B. Greek yoghurt, blueberries, almonds and chia seeds. An egg.

L. Some salad combo that will definitely include pak choi (homegrown), pear and stilton cheese

D. Fish tagine.

Snacks. An apple.

Exercise. A bike ride somewhere nice. Possibly to the seaside if the weather's good.

Happy Bank Holiday!

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Good food there burntsun. Hope the weather is good for your bike ride. 😊

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Good evening dazzle thank you for hosting. Hope you are well. Have a good bank holiday. Enjoy the rest . I will be spending some of tomorrow on the train as traveling to Rye for a few days. Please the 5 -2 diet is working for you. I just cut back a bit on the carbs. My food tomorrow is a little Vague as I am not sure what I will be having.

Breakfast x2 coffees apple some rhubarb and yogurt.

Lunch on the train. I think I will take x 2 boiled eggs and x2 small cheese. And some mixed nuts. Water.

That will keep me going till I get there. I may go to the restaurant there. Or go to the supermarket near by and get a salad of some sort.

I will be walking to and from the station also have to change trains. So I will be doing quite a bit of walking. Hopefully will get a good sleep.

Have a good Bank holiday. 😊😊

Great train planning! Eggs and nuts are my favourite on-the-move snacks.

Thank you. 😊

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Have a good trip, Caroline. Hope you get something tasty for tea.

Thank you.😊

Snap! I'll be on a long train journey today as well Caroline. I'm excited - up to Scarborough and staying in a beautiful place outside for my Dan e course. Enjoy the train and the few days away.

Oh not been to Scarborough for years. That’s my neck of the woods. Enjoy Brightfeather, 😊😊

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I am feeling pleased with myself tonight as I resisted the chocolate (Easter eggs still tempting me). I was hungry and I couldn't start on dinner right then. I even got as far as unwrapping them before deciding they weren't worth it as I would still be hungry afterwards and craving more sugar.

Anyway, tomorrow:

B - porridge with raspberries

L - not sure yet but probably a jacket with tuna or ham salad.

D - meatballs in a Bolognese type sauce with roasted butternut squash followed by Greek yogurt and strawberries.

Hooray for resisting the chocolate! You are an inspiration. Your menu tomorrow looks fantastic... especially that dinner!

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Well done Schoolie!

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Morning dazzle. Thank you for hosting us today. Great that you find the 5.2 suits you. Well impressed that you drink 3 litres of h20 and find 500 cals a doddle. Go you!

B black coffee sourdough toast naturli vegan spread

Snack overnight oats

L vegetable cakes, green tahini and cauliflower rice

D not sure however I am taking some e tea vegan food with me ...just in case.

I am leaving this am for a residential dance week. Really looking forward to being near the North Yorkshire Moors.

Wishing everyone a lovely good food day.

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Wow, residential dance week, that sounds like a whole lot of fun, hopefully in really pretty surroundings near the moors too.

Felt quite low these last few days and to top it off I’ve just seen a photo of me taken yesterday. Being fat gets me down so much. I feel like I’ve failed in life in that I can’t take care of myself. I must eat too much not too little and it’s deflating when I consider the effort I put into this weight loss. Been for a 15 minute run with a friend who’s at Slimming World and she tries to get me to come over to the group. She says my choice for tonight’s tea is about 15syns and so I’m confused about what to eat for the best.

Here is my plan for the day

Breakfast - 30g of Aldi basic porridge with 18g of blueberries and 6g of chopped dates made with 175g of full fat milk.

Lunch will be mackerel salad with mayo.

Dinner - was planning to have cauliflower cheese with some gammon for a change. But I’m not so sure now.


Hi Pianokeys, sorry to hear you sounding a bit blue. Well done for getting out for a run. I've done slimming world before and I have to say, some of the nutrition advice is a bit weird, although I do understand it works well for some people. But to me food is never a sin, no matter how you spell it. It is fuel for your body, and what you've got planned for today sounds great, and really full of some good stuff, nothing processed, lots of nutrients. From what I recall, slimming world plans encourages lots of sugar free and fat free stuff, filled with chemicals and artificial sweeteners, and empty carbs like pasta.

Congratulate yourself for going on a run, planning some good food and being here with friends cheering you on. I hope you have a lovely day.

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So sorry you're feeling low Pianokeys. My goodness, you TOTALLY haven't failed in life! Why is it that being overweight is thought of like that? It is just one annoying thing in life that you're trying to change, not some huge failure! Trying listening to this comedian on the radio getting angry about anti-fat prejudice, I think she's got it about right, even though I obviously don't agree that anyone should abandon trying to lose weight if they want to lose it (obvs, or I wouldn't be in here).


I'm now going to tell you what I think about Slimming World and please feel free to totally ignore it! Like Salcheq I totally disagree with calling food anything that sounds like the word 'sin' - what nonsense! For me, losing weight involves eating a lot less sugar, fewer carbs generally (though I didn't find LCHF worked for me long term), tons less wine and moving around a lot more. I eat healthy, filling food and cook it all myself so that know what's in it - but also because cooking is my hobby, so I get that some people like ready meals! I had the odd sweet treat whilst losing and still do now. Calling myself 'good' for not eating certain foods and 'naughty' for eating others - which to me is what 'syns' amounts to - would just lead my 'naughty' childish brain to Sin more!! I do think joining a group is probably motivating - but I find the groups here super-motivating - and you could maybe get together with some friends in real life who aren't doing some money-making scheme like Slimming World? Like Salcheq, I don't agree with Slimming World's emphasis on loads of carbs that don't have much nutrition in them. I like pasta now from time to time but got rid of it entirely when I was losing weight.

Anyway, whatever you choose to do, I think your plan for today sounds fabulous! Have your cauliflower cheese and gammon, just don't have a massive portion.

You can do it!!


Thanks. I’ll stick to my plan.

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I was going to reply, but then I thought Eleanorba said it better than I could! So “ditto” on that reply. Oh, and one more thing. I was struggling so hard to lose weight for so long and I had an incredibly fit, toned friend. He once said to me “inside of me is a 350-pound man struggling to get out. Keep it up... you’re doing great.” For some reason that has always helped me. I think him just not preaching or telling me how HE does it, and just acknowledging it’s hard was really helpful.

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Morning all, thanks for hosting dazzle.

Bank holiday Monday - yippee.

Easy day for me today, pottering around the house and a shopping trip into town.

B - two duck eggs fried in butter with cooked tomatoes and spinach - 350 cals

L - roasted broccoli, peppers, garlic gloves, served on a bed of green leaves, topped with a leftover chicken fillet and some coleslaw - 600 cals

Afternoon snack - nut bar 150 cals

D - chicken and parsnip soup (not homemade, lazy day today) with a bit of garlic bread - 350 cals

That still leaves me rather low, so I shall add to it as I go through the day and see what I'm burning calorie wise.

Exercise will be a good walk about town this afternoon, and a little pilates session this morning.

Mmmmm, I bet chicken and parsnip's a good combination. Have a great day - and enjoy your pilates, I'm an addict!

Hi dazzle, thanks for hosting.

I'm maintaining and need to be a bit careful over the next few weeks - have floated 2.5lb up within my maintenance range so still maintaining but would be happy to float down again!

Today I'm traveling for work after lunch - I know, I know, bank holiday, but I can't get where I need to be without leaving today!

Breakfast, which I've just had: avocado on wholemeal toast, poached egg.

Lunch: homemade hazelnut coleslaw; pearl barley and lentil salad; green salad with olive oil dressing.

Dinner: out with colleagues when I get to my destination - menu looks v nice, I'm going to have a beet and goats cheese salad starter and a fishy main. A glass of white wine probably.

Have a great day everyone!

Good luck with your travels! Sounds like a great plan for tackling dinner out tonight. Enjoy! :)

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Thanks for hosting dazzle. Glad you've found a method that works for you!

For me, it's meatless-Monday today, so my menu is:

Breakfast: Two eggs on toast, tea with milk, water - 270 kcal

Lunch: Tomato soup, cheese, cucumber and carrots with cream cheese, pineapple, water - 607 kcal

Dinner: Veggie burger, sautéed kale, onion rings, curly fries, red wine, two squares of dark chocolate, water - 1099 kcal

Snacks: Herbal tea

Total calories: 1976 kcal

Target range: 1823 - 2344 kcal

Exercise: Honestly, probably not a whole lot today. I ran my first 10K yesterday, and now my legs are in revolt, so it's probably going to be a day to try to recover.

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10K, Rabbit, you star. Nice warm baths or hot and cold for those leggies. What about a sauna? You can pay sessionally at our local gym

I would love to use a sauna, but I don't know which gyms around me would have one. Also, I'm feeling spectacularly lazy today. Lol! But the warm bath is a great idea! I did ice my knees a bit, but I think a bath would help the muscles.

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Wow huge congratulations on your 10k! Definitely sounds like you can take a rest day today!

Thanks! I am particularly pleased about it, if I'm honest. :P

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It’s totally brilliant!

I'm still on 16:8 keto induction, a week in. I've lost an inch all over and 1lb in weight. My face definitely looks slimmer and I feel lighter. I realise now how bloated I was before.

Anyhow, my food for today is:

b: coffee with cream

l: omelette with feta, salad, loads of red cabbage sauteed in butter with onions

d: cauliflower mushroom risotto - got that from diet doctor. Spring greens sauteed in butter.

cocoa and cream

When I am bored, eating this way is a challenge. When I am busy and doing the things I love, I don't even think about food. So, I know I need to work on the emotional aspects of eating as well as the physical sugar addiction I reckon I've got.

I'm finding not eating til lunch time very difficult. By 10:30 I am starving. It's easier if I have a lie in 😊


I think you are right, keeping busy is a good idea. Might try some gardening and dare I say it housework :)

Could you have brunch and an earlier dinner?

Maybe yeah. What ends up happening is I eat at around 12, go out and do stuff then don't end up getting round to eating til about 6.30. It's quite a long time between eating. I spent most of the day today being unbearably hungry, but I think it might have been all the exercise I did yesterday. Wasn't hungry yesterday though, actually ended up not quite finishing my dinner. Oh its strange.

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Oh my days, looking for my sanity. Anyone seen it? 🤪

Total loss a very slow, and feeling slower! 10.25lbs oh lordy!

At a dodgy age (56) and hormones playing havoc I have hadan awful week emotionally! Resisted and resisted but, eventually went and sobbed all over my GP who I last saw 18 months ago for the same problems!

I did say if she said:

Lose weight

Exercise more

Drink herbal tea

Reduce alcohol

Don't smoke

Eat more fruit & veg.

Improve sleep quality

That I may actually want to punch her! (I wouldn't honest!)

But, my God I am absolutely at the end of my tether, once again!


Referred to Gynae Specialist (oh joy!)

And referred for a scan (perhaps its triplets and this will account for my weight problem?)

Prescribed HRT patches (perhaps I should place it over my mouth, to stop me eating!)

Honestly if I didn't laugh I would cry, oh yeah I do that alot anyway!

Wish me luck (and my poor husband!) I have no clue how I feel day to day, so he has no chance, bless!

Yep, coming back as a man next time! 😈😈😈

Anyone relate to this????

Have a good week all. 🏋️‍♀️🌻


I am 53 and yes I can relate to this. On the Daily Diary people post their food and exercise plans as well as a bit of what is going on in their life. I would recommend trying to plan every day for a week, if you are not too busy, and see if it helps. You are more likely to stick to a meal plan. The members are really supportive and lovely. They might suggest swaps to a plan, something that has worked for them. Whilst you would come up with what suits you for healthy eating, I would have a read through some of what other people are eating for ideas. That helped me twelve weeks ago when I didn't have a clue where to start. Hope you get on well with the HRT, you cannot get two paracetamol out of my doctor, probably a bit unfair but it feels that way sometimes! :) Chamomile and peppermint tea are my favourites, they say green tea is good for weight loss, but it's not my bag. Keep posting, you made me smile and good luck, my second stone is coming off a bit easier than the first, so hang in there.

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Sound advice, and sounds like you are doing really well! Brilliant job! 👍

Was starting to develop health problems, so this feels a bit of a last chance salloon for me and it has been great. Have reduced carbs slowly and because I have done so many low fat diets, have been very slow to increase healthy fats. I look forward to eating.


Oh poor you! I’m not sure how to advise as my menopause isn’t too bad so far (I’m 54 and I think nearly done with it now, last period 8 months ago). Both my mum’s and my grandma’s was terrible, my mum’s physically (horrendous hot flashes and weight gain) my grandma’s emotionally, my mum tells me. Here’s what I did differently from them: 1. Take supplements - evening primrose and Menopace Night; 2. upped the exercise- swimming, walking, Pilates; 3. cut down massively on booze, although I was well into menopausal symptoms before I did that, that was more for weight loss. Who knows if any of that works? I might have got a gene for Less Terrible Menopause from my dad’s mum or something! I do know lots of people for whom exercise seemed to help though. But...you’ve lost over 10lb which is great even if it was slow! Congratulations on posting and not giving up!!

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Yes you're right about the exercise, I always feel better after a gym & swim session. I try for 3 times a week plus walks! I'm in Peri-menopause apparently! Oh joy! 😲

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Hormones affect hormones. There is hope; some things still to try. First, lower the glycaemic-load of what you eat because high-glycaemic foods are detrimental to the menopause. There is a strong association between the amount of sugar foods are broken down to in the body phcuk.org/nice/ and how much insulin is stimulated. Again, hormones affect hormones.

Then, keep protein portions small as an excess can easily be turned to glucose, and protein stimulates insulin too.

Also, avoid the advice to have low-fat versions of dairy. Skimmed milk for example demands two and a half times the amount of insulin that whole milk does.

Avoid anomalies such as baked beans, which although low Gi stimulate massive amounts of insulin.

Once you've got to grips with enjoying eating again, then you can start thinking about trying to lose weight.

Keep in touch!

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Ummmm I need to think through all this information. Thanks for the interesting response. 👍

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You're most welcome. Please ask again when you have questions.

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Hi Dazzle. This is my first day on here so I am just learning the ropes. I’m doing the 12 week nhs plan to get myself motivated and losing again after a rough year or so.

Today I threw out the rubbish food in my cupboards and did a healthy shop.

My breakfast was yoghurt with fruit

Lunch was a homemade pizza on a wrap, with mozzarella, ham, mushrooms and onions (I have a photo but it doesn’t look like I can post it.) Rainbow coloured and so tasty!

Tonight is turkey mince meatballs with a jacket potato, and salad.

That all comes to about 1100 calories and seems enough, but I’ll have some more fruit and a curly wurly with a cuppa later!

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Hi SlimInside


Your homemade pizza sounds really nice! It's the sort of thing I like to do. I did make one a few days ago using a mini plain naan bread using the same ingredients. The baked potato and meatballs I will have to try as well.

I'm also having a 5Star chocolate bar later with a coffee and still within calorie allowance.

Good luck!

Hi dazzle, thanks for hosting today's daily diary. My plan for tomorrow is this:-

B - Yokebe Honey Shake

L - Egg or cheese salad, banana and apple

T - Chicken curry and rice

Enjoy the rest of the Bank holiday!

Hi, dazzle

I see that you are a member of the Fasting and Furious forum - but have not posted there yet.

We look forward to hearing from you.

B: half a packet of Gluten-free, grain-free muesli, two litres of green tea, Three desert spoons of Full-fat yoghurt, apple, orange and a banana.

12km walk (Brailes 3 hills walk) Snickers

L: Cheeseburger and hot dog

D: fast 13:00 to 10:00.

back on "Healthy Eating" tomorrow.

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Thanks for hosting, dazzle :)

Thanks for sharing your meal plans, diarists, see you all again tomorrow :)

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