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How do you stay motivated when you're not seeing (or feeling) results?


I am about to begin Week 3 of the NHS 12 Week plan and have been eating healthily (well within my 1,400 calories), using their app and going to the gym most mornings. Currently have lost no weight and am losing the drive I started with on Week 1. I am trying to lose 1 stone. How do I keep motivated to see results?

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Hi and welcome, meggieloo :)

If it's not working for you, then maybe you need to change things? 1400 calories is a generic amount and unsuitable for most of us, so you could be eating too little. Put your details into the NHS BMI calculator, to get a calorie range that's right for you. This will explain why, in more detail If this doesn't apply, then you may need to be patient for a little longer, as not everyone starts losing weight straight away, or follow a different path altogether

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Wishing you all the best :)

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs

Hello, would you like to join our Summer Challenge? Here is the link to tell you all about it, hope to see you there! :-)

Hi meggieloo and welcome.

Hopefully what moreless has linked for you will be helpful.

Sometimes our weight can remain the same but our body changes shape. This can especially be so if we're exercising a fair amount. If you took several measurements beforehand you can see if this is true.

It is easy to lose heart when we don't see the results we were expecting but you've done the right thing and asked questions so that you can find a way to move forward.

Stick with it, you can do it :)

Hi, meggieloo, Welcome.

The standard cure for a weight-loss plateau is Not Eating All Day aka Restricted Time Feeding aka Intermittent Fasting, see:

Most of the advice on this forum is good advice for most members - and you can combine IF with most of it.

Craftyperson1st 7lbs

Have you checked your personal allowance on BMI checker rather than the blanket amount for women. You may not be eating enough and going into starvation mode.

If you are exercising each day, you will be earning additional "exercise" calories. You should be eating at least half of those calories on top of your daily calorie allowance, otherwise you're under-eating and you'll not lose.


Oh, oh! Looks like you forgot rule no.1 Enjoy any changes :-) That way, why wouldn't you want to keep going?

To get results, I agree with moreless; change something.

Primary health change is to reduce insulin stimulation to optimal. Eat low Gi carbohydrates, and keep them to 40g or less at each of 3 meals per day.

If you usually follow the advice to choose lower-fat options, be aware that skimmed milk stimulates two and a half times the amount of insulin that whole milk does for example. It seemed a nice theory, but that's all it was; a theory.

Don't snack between meals. Every time we snack we raise insulin levels; it's when insulin levels return to baseline that we can burn fat for fuel.

Maybe practice intermittent fasting by keeping to an eight hour eating window?

Keep close to the RNI of protein.

Eat natural fat to make up the balance of your calorie target. The ideal fat ratio is that of our body fat; 57% monounsaturated, 40% saturated, and just 3% EFAs. That's why the Mediterranean diet, high in monounsaturated fats, and not at all low in (saturated) fat was so healthy, before it became distorted.

All the best!

Lumpyloo1 stone

It took me months to lose a stone. The weight came off really slowly but at least it went in the right direction. I used the recommended calorie range, the top amount had no results and I knew I’d never keep to the lower amount. So I picked the level I wanted for someone who is not v active. It can still take me a month to lose a pound. No idea why it takes so long but it is going. I don’t use the nhs plan just the recommended calorie guidelines.

Keep going however slowly it goes it will be worth it.

Happy_lady2 stone

If you only have a stone to loose it can be harder to see any movement than someone who's got a lot to loose. Check your calorie allowance. Also try measuring yourself as that sometimes shows results even when your weight doesn't move. Good luck and keep going 😀

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