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stuck on meals plans when hating healthy food!!😫

Hi everyone!! I’m new here so bare with me 🤦🏻‍♀️

I’m currently 16 stone 11 pounds, 20 years of age. and I still have an unhealthy relationship with food, even though i have lost 20 pounds since January. Trying to work on myself very hard but I am finding it very difficult to plan my meals and snacks. I HATE everything healthy (fruit, veg, eggs, etc) and the only meat I eat is chicken or pork! so I feel like I am so stuck 😫 if anyone has some advice or meal ideas for me I would really appreciate it

Thank you so much for reading x

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H and welcome, RosieDelight99 :)

If you're going to make changes to your weight, then you're going to have to make changes to your diet. Find ways to get vegetables into your diet, by 'hiding' them in meals, stop the snacking completely and join the Daily Diary for meal ideas.

Base your meals on the things you like, that are healthy. Chicken and pork are fine, you don't need to eat fruit at all. Do you like curries, casseroles, soups, bolognese, moussaka, stir fries, chillies? They are all healthy, as long as you don't go overboard with the carb accompaniments.

Steer clear of processed foods and stick to fresh foods. Don't have low fat, fat free, lite/light products and you'll be fine. One step at a time will get you over the finishing line :)

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Wishing you all the best :)


As the above poster said, hiding veg in your meals is definitely something to work on. I also find that after a few weeks eating better I enjoy fruit more (i guess your tastebuds get used to less artificial sweetness etc).

In terms of sneaking in veg, courgette is a great one for mince based dishes- simply great and strain out a bit of the water. It will absorb the seasoning of your spaggheti bolgnaise/chilli/whatever and taste much better.

It could also be worth trying vegetarian meals in restaurants etc and working out what you like then replicating at home. I used to think I hated cabbage, turns out I never had it prepared well and now I love it.

Eating with your eyes is also a thing, often colourful foods look appealing so i'll make a stirfry or roast veg salad with capsicum or carrot to brighten it up. Purely psychological but it works.


Hello, London1994, and welcome to the forum 😊

Some great suggestions there :)

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Thank you so much for th suggestions, I will need to try those vegetarian meals when out for dinner although I only go once or twice a year maybe? I normally stick to eating what I know when eating out!

Thing is with me, I hate texture of a lot of food, and also the smell! I don’t know why I have such a bad fear 😫 I shave all meals plain, no seasoning, sauces or anything!


Thing is with me, I hate texture of a lot of food, and also the smell! I don’t know why I have such a bad fear 😫 I shave all meals plain, no seasoning, sauces or anything! Even knowing that the food is hidden gives me anxiety, because I know it’s there and I’m scared to eat it 😭

Snacking is a huge thing to me also. I have around 3 low calorie snacks! And I feel I can’t take them out of my diet! It’s a struggle

I don’t like anything food wise what you mentioned sadly, if I have spaghetti and mince I’ll have it plain! Not even sauce in the mince!!

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I think you need to take it step by step. Plan some good nutritious meals based on what you DO like. Have a look at the links Moreless gave you, the Low Carb eating plan might suit you if you don’t like fruit etc and also look at portion size, this was a massive help to me as I got fat eating “healthy” food but eating too much!!

And have some faith, you can do this!


Definitely trying to take it step by step, I am losing weight with my mum, so I am hoping it pushes me just as much as this whole page! I will take a low at the low carb eating plan, and watch portion sizing! Thank you



When you say you "hate veg and everything healthy" - is there nothing you like?

Many people say they don't eat or like veg but haven't tried certain ones or haven't tried cooking them differently or over exaggerate and and do actually like some veg.

I'm not saying this is the case here - but are there things you may not have tried that you are including in this?

Have you tried things like Pak Choi, Beetroot, Sweet potato, Celeriac, Turnip?

Have you tried cooking cabbage in a little butter and seasoning in a frying pan or even roasting it?

I'd say i didn't like veg - because i didn't like them once they'd been boiled for 45 minutes and just tasted of water and had the texture of mush!

I never liked beetroot as my dad would have pickled beetroot and i didnt like it. Actually, it was the pickle bit i didn't like - beetroot roasted or pan fried is fantastic!

Things like lentils i would have said in the past - i don't like them ... when the reality was i'd never actually eaten them!!

Try something new or try something you don't think you like cooked in a different way!

This may help you have more healthy options :)


I literally do not like anything fruit or veg wise. I’ve tried so many different ones and my tastebuds and myself reject it. My brother used to have an allotment and cook all theses amazing fruit / veg based meals which looked amsixnf but I just never ever liked it! I don’t even like seasoning! Or sauces! I have all my meals plans 😫

And also I hate mushy or certain textures of food, even some smells put me off! I am the luckiest eater ever!


hello, the main thing is you are not alone.

as for veg, try cooking them in a different way. ie don't boil cabbage, dry fry with some leek and crumble a veg stock into the pan. make sure the cabbage has a crunch to it.

cut up your cauli and broccoli into florets, try to make them the same size, in a bowl, add 1tbsp of olive oil, salt, pepper. stir it up gently so that the oil and seasoning covers the veg and put in the oven for 10 minutes or until cooked with a slight crunch.

look on the internet for different ways of cooking and eating veg. cauliflower rice is absolutely wonderful and does not taste anything like cauliflower, and no carbs.

spinach you can put in anything and it cooks down. any longer than 10 minutes and it virtually disappears.

my favourite of all, cook carrots in the oven and 10 mins before the end drizzle a tsp of honey over them.

but best of all and not veg related. put your marshmallows singularly on a tray and then put them in the freezer until frozen. store them in a tub and just get one out at a time. remember not to bite, be kind to your teeth, just pop them in your mouth and let them melt.

keep going and remember if you cook it you know what's in it. try different meals to stop the boredom which is a contributor to eating more.

we use 'Gousto'. they deliver to the door and all you do is cook it. its not cheap but we have tried different meals and I feel satisfied after eating them. the portions are not big either. (other delivery companies are available).


You're only 20 so you're still developing your palette! It's normal to still be learning to like healthy things. You'll get there. A good way to get to like veg is to roast it with garlic butter, add feta and herbs for a tray bake to go alongside your protein (fish or meat perhaps). Very nice. I heard somewhere it takes 12 tries of any food before you will like it (or know for sure that you don't.) I think the trick is using the tactics employed for fussy kids - try the same thing in different ways. For e. g... Let's say... Beetroot - you could have it roasted once maybe with other veg.. shredded raw in salad next time (can buy it in pre prepared salad with baby spinach leaves in most big supermarkets or by floret).. Boiled sliced and eaten with goat cheese or feta cheese another time, pickled next time, pureed in a soup maybe with Asian spices.. A million ways to try each ingredient if you give it some thought. The key is trying it often and in different ways.. It really is true that the more often you eat something the 'friendlier' that food will seem. I've learned to like everything from oysters to chillies and it can be done I promise.

Some interesting reading kinda on the topic




I love the ideas you have given me, I have a huge habit of cooking the same meals weekly, and I do get bored of it. And I think this is why I get hungry after a few hour so of dinner.

I am definitely going to try the carrot one, and also the marshowmellow, you’re ideas have gotten me excited t9 try them. Thank you so so much!

Thing is with me, I hate texture of a lot of food, and also the smell! I don’t know why I have such a bad fear 😫 I shave all meals plain, no seasoning, sauces or anything!

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You mention you don’t like smell and texture of most veggies. Do you like crispy textures? We’ve found that lots of children who don’t like soft vegetables will eat them if they’re very finely sliced then baked to make them almost like crisps. Would that be something you would feel able to try? The smell is totally changed too through crisping.


Definitely would prefer it crispy! Which I never have once thought of until mentioned! But I wouldn’t really know how to make FOR EXAMPLE an apple crispy, or certain fruit / veg! When I think about it I only like crispy textures


Here’s a recipe for crispy bananas. Worth a try for sure.

WellWeightKids Crispy bananas:

Prep Time 10 minutes

Cook Time 3 hours

Total Time 3 hours 10 minutes

Servings 6

Calories 175 kcal


10 ripe , but firm bananas, thinly sliced

freshly squeezed lemon juice -1 lemon


Preheat oven to 200F.

Cover a sheet pan with foil and lightly grease with 1cal cooking spray.

Toss the bananas in lemon juice.

Arrange the bananas in a single layer on prepared baking sheet.

Bake for 2 hours, flip the slices with a metal spatula, and continue to bake for 1.5 hours longer, or until desired crispness.

Remove from oven and transfer the chips to a wire rack.

Cool completely. The longer they cool, the crunchier they will get.

Store in an airtight container.

Nutrition Facts

Calories 175

Total Fat 0g 0%

Saturated Fat 0g 0%

Cholesterol 0mg 0%

Sodium 1mg 0%

Potassium 704mg 20%

Total Carbohydrates 44g 15%

Dietary Fiber 5g 20%

Sugars 24g

Protein 2g 4%

Vitamin A 2.5%

Vitamin C 20.7%

Calcium 1%

Iron 2.8%

You can use this same approach for most fruit and veg. Just be aware of portion sizes when using this method as the volume of food is greatly reduced when it’s dried out so it’s easy to eat more than you would with ordinary fruit/veg. We recommend drinking a pint of water whilst eating this type of food so you’re getting enough fluids, especially as much of our hydration comes from the waters in fruit and veg. When the water is removed it needs to be replaced via another method. Hope this is helpful. 😊WellWeightKids.


Thank you so much! I am write that all down and definitely make some!!


What’s a typical diet for you?


A typical diet for me is breakfast around d 11/11:30am which is normally around 200 calories. A snack around 2pm which is anywhere between 70 - 150 calories. Lunch is anywhere between 3-4:30! And that can be normally around 300/600 calories (always cooked unless having a sandwich) Then a snack in the evening is anywhere around 90 - 200 calories, but it will all very on what I have for lunch. I never have dinner because my mum cooks for me 🤦🏻‍♀️ And when I get hungry it’s normally too late for her to cook or she isn’t home!!


If you don’t like most fruit/veg what kind of foods do you like to eat?


I like all the bad junk type of food! Also cereal bars, crisps, chips, chicken! I don’t even like sauces or spreads unless it’s chocolste related!


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