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Hello diet my old friend

JOPAT111Restart Nov 2019

Ready to try again, words I've repeated more then saying Hello I think😊

My attitude has always been the same, sunshine and positivity, I can always see the good in the bad.

I know I've got a couple of stone to lose and need to start exercising again. But it's day 1 and here I go... 👣👣👣back on the road with you all

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Milliemay1Restart July 2020

Good morning I'm back too Started last Wednesday did ok for couple of days then weekend happened My willpower takes a holiday but I'm back on board today and if I can lose a couple of pounds a week I shall be happy with an end goal of nearly 2 stone a long slog I know But we support and encourage each other Good luck

Yes I put the weight back on again ,but this time I need to sort myself out because at 63 and 21 plus stone ,I could be shortening my life ,the fighter in me is back ,let's do it xxx

JOPAT111Restart Nov 2019 in reply to nuttynanny60

I'm right by your side Hun.

🎉🎉 we can do it 🎉🎉

Onwards and downwards.

You can do this!

JOPAT111Restart Nov 2019 in reply to SMITHYC

Thanks hun❤️

Where are you walking? I have started a walking group and have just done about 3.5 miles.

JOPAT111Restart Nov 2019 in reply to Crotchet1

Where abouts are you? 😊

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