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So I Starting Running

IbbiWorking at it

I started to going out for runs once a week ,and I notice that I feel so much better after a run. Am I the only one?

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Well done Ibbi :) I'm not a runner, but I know I definitely feel happy and more positive after a swim, so I'm not surprised :)

Are you doing couch to 5k?

IbbiWorking at it
in reply to lucigret

That's the goal at the moment.

Maria821Restart Jan 2020

Yes i agree. I bought a running buggy a while ago and i run 3 times a week now and just did a it!

HappyBeee3 stone

O I so agree!!! Sometimes hard to motivate myself to get out the door but the feeling during and after is FANTASTIC


I was a runner as a teenager, and then lost interest for a couple of decades. I only recently got back into it and improved rapidly. I'm nearly 50 and I can do the British Army pace (2km in 11:15) without any trouble. It's a huge buzz.

My theory is that bodies are built to do stuff. Physical activity of all sorts makes you feel good. Sitting in front of the TV vegetating makes your feel bad.

IbbiWorking at it
in reply to TheAwfulToad

I'm guilty of binge watching Netflix ,but I try to be active doing things like playing football(soccer) because it's fun cardio ,just do push ups.

gman1961Working at it

Hi lbbi,

I feel great once I have made the effort to get out there.


You’re not the only one. I feel much better after you’ve been for a run too, so thanks!😉

I would love to run but despite my weight of 62kg which I am happy with I am too big and bouncy up top . I am still aware of this in every exercise I do .

ClareMcr10 kg
in reply to focused1

Get a good running bra. It’ll support and you will feel a lot happier running. I weigh 80KG and have been a runner for years it makes me feel great. But I really need proper bra as I am DD! It should support and stop wobble. I swear by Shock Absorber but others really like Bravissimo try a few to find the right one for you (I jump up and down in the changing room!)

Well done!

The C25K is a great tool and there is also a forum on HU for it! Keep it up xx

I have started the couch to 5K challenge and although it is difficult to start, I am told it will get easier!! I do feel much better after the running (be it a slow start) but just making the decision to start feels like a weight has been lifted 😊

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