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Weight loss stopped working

starstruck12019 February

I started the NHS 12 week plan around 3 weeks ago and it worked very well for the first week. After I got into the routine of exercise and eating healthy in the next two weeks my weight loss stopped. I'm not sure why this has happened. What should I do now?

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Hello and welcome to the Weight Loss Forum starstruck1 😊

Well done on reaching week 3, you will have made significant improvements to your health and well being. Fat loss is a funny thing, and not easy to predict. Scale weight also isn’t totally reliable, have you been using a tape measure? How do you feel? Do you feel energised and healthier? These are all valuable improvements 😊

With regards to the 12 Week plan, the best advice I can give is have enough to eat, the 1400/1900 calorie target suggested is a just generic amount. Please check your own personal calorie target using the BMI checker, it’s often higher than you think. We always advise starting towards the top of the range, being hungry is the biggest cause of weight loss failure

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Best wishes and have a good first week

Indigo 😊

Apologies if this isn’t relevant to you - but I find unexpected maintains/gains are almost always due to my monthly cycle. I can lose 5lb a week in the first two weeks of my cycle and next to nothing in the last two. Might be similar for you. Keep going, the weight has to go the right way if you’re sticking to the plan and it doesn’t always come off linearly.

Craftyperson1st 7lbs
in reply to 9stoneandcounting

I found that happened to me when was still relevant lol once a month never lost then other 3 weeks I would

Hi, starstruck1, Welcome.

Nearly all the advice on this forum is good advice, and you can use a combination of techniques.

In addition to anything else you might be doing, you could try not eating all day (the new buzz word is Intermittent Fasting, IF). Have a late breakfast and/or an early supper.

See my post on the Fasting and Furious Forum:


Craftyperson1st 7lbs

It can happen sometimes then get a sudden burst so don't give up. And good luck for next week

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