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Stuck to my food diary


Well I been good today considering how much stress I under and thought I would you know my food diary any thoughts greatly appreciated

Muesli with goji berries and semi skimmed milk 200 cal

Packet of mixed nuts 160 cal

Yogurt 100 cal

Snack a jacks 100 cal

Lamb chops with brocolli, spinach, leek in cheese sauce 600 cal

Two bottles of beer 300 cal

Glass of smoothie 200 cal

Not had dinner yet but can't wait

Poorly cat got to go back tomorrow maybe animal hospital for him for bloods bit holding on mum coming here to Wiltshire partner taken control of that as my dad not good when there is stress and it's not all about him

Have a lovely evening

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So sorry about your poor cat ☹️ Hope things pick up for him soon

And well done for sticking I to plan, but you’ll get better feedback if you post on the Daily Diary

Best wishes