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eating all your calorie


Hi if you want a quicker weight lost...could you etless calories then what is recommended. If you restrict the intake do you still get a weight loss...thanks

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Joanney695st 7lbs

No. The bmi checker gives you a range of calories, and it is recommended that you start near the high end. This will give you a 1-2lb loss per week on average. If you cut calories drastically, your body will hang on to everything as it thinks it's being starved. The weight didn't go on overnight, & the steadier it comes off, the more sustainable it is 😊


It's a myth to think that the less you eat, the more you'll lose, your body is far too clever for that. Read this for a more in depth explanation, Stawberry.


You can lose weight this way, by restricting your calories more but only if you want to become ill and put all the weight back on again.


Did you find the replies to your previous post helpful?

Simple arithmetic often does not work when it comes to weight loss.

Monitor your weekly weight loss and then "fine tune" your calorie intake to give you a weight loss of not more than seven pounds plus two pounds a week.

Faster weight loss tends not to be sustainable - I elected to lose one stone at two pounds a week, and then two stone at one pound a week.

If you have several stone to lose, and do not have insulin problems, you might be able to lose weight faster.

One man I spoke to lost 4½ stone in 50 days - but that did involve walking to the South Pole!

Hi everyone thanks for your time to comment, which I found to be helpful...

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