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Any tips for rewards?

CrimsonMama6 stone

Having a relaxing bath with luxury bubbles and bath bombs is one thing I like to do but what other non-food inexpensive rewards can we give ourselves along the weight loss journey?

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LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs

Paint our nails ? Foot spa ?

S11m in reply to Lytham

Trim one’s beard

Look in the mirror

feel comfortable in your clothes

Feel comfortable "out"

Feel good and lean

enjoy exercise

A new book or piece of music. A magazine we don't normally read. A house plant, or some bulbs for the garden. Some printed out photos. A trip to the cinema (although that can be pricey, depending on the venue). A trip to a free museum or gallery.

Part of My List for the last 40 years has been...

Walk the dog

Play with a kitten

Fly a kite (now l just enjoy watching others)

Cut the grass (riding mower is like a go cart)

Plant a flower

Feed the hummingbirds

Watch a humorous movie (Video - DVD)

Coffee with a friend

Cozy blanket & a good book

Hoola hoop (l can't do this any more but it's fun trying)

Do something nice for someone who is feeling down

Now start making your list... & SMILE

JiminyCricket2020 July in reply to Mottsie

Yes hula hooping !! It's poi for me. I'm rubbish but it's fun

Mottsie2lbs in reply to JiminyCricket

Hi Jiminy Cricket... My young friend made me a hoola hoop several years ago for my birthday. Lovely! When l was 12 years old l had won a hoola hoop contest & was anxious to try it again. It was a Big Oopsfest! I flung it & it fell to the ground over & over again & again. I now think of it as exercise equipment... Fling & Bend... a new play on touch your toes... it makes me giggle!

My friend has encouraged me to join her at the park where she teaches hoola hooping... l do enjoy spreading laughter in this World but that is Not gonna happen...

JiminyCricket2020 July

Barricade myself in my bedroom, lie down eyes closed, and listen to the Archers. My daily 15 minutes of peace, surprisingly hard to achieve!

bikegrrrlWorking at it

I have found a cross-country walking route to work which is now my "treat", it's so beautiful and you can see ducks, herons, coots etc.

I have a library app and I have just learned how to downlaod audiobooks, a good treat for when I'm walking!

A nice scarf or pair of earrings? (unless you go high-end clothes all the time!)

13ValerieHealthy BMI

A coffee in a place I've never been before is my favourite simple cheap but indulgent treat😍

Sometimes I plan a trip to a garden centre and look at the lovely plants.

Mottsie2lbs in reply to 13Valerie

Oh, Yes, Garden Center Walks are Wonderful... so peaceful.

13ValerieHealthy BMI in reply to Mottsie

...and they often have lovely coffee shops too!!

Mottsie2lbs in reply to 13Valerie

Oh, my, l have never found one with a coffee shop in my area. That would be wonderful!

Hand write someone you haven't seen / spoken to letter. I found this therapeutic too . Older people love letters and it makes you think about you which can be a good thing . Try freebie sites for a sample of perfume or face cream . Department stores do free facials / make up . You don't have to buy .

Mottsie2lbs in reply to focused1

I am seventy & letters & cards from friends are so uplifting... Great idea Focused l.

I just love a charity shop mooch and getting new sizes or just a second hand book

Double reward 1. People / animals in need (which ever your choice) 2. Money raised for investigations into illnesses /diseases

Hi Crimson Mama, how about putting £1 in a jar for every lb lost. Then treat yourself to something non foodie, when you have saved enough..

Wobbleless2st 7lbs

I treated myself to an LED lamp, and now I do a gel manicure to treat myself and feel spoiled.

Knight061 stone

I use a lovely soak in a hot bath to pass some time especially in the evening to stop me eating. X

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