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Half way there.


The plan recommended losing 6lbs, I've said I intend losing 12lbs and a couple of inches. Well, in the past two weeks I've lost 6lbs and one of those inches. I've always been a little 'un so I'm pleased with progress so far; I feel good and more comfortable. I really do feel for people with greater challenges and wish everyone the best with their goals. Without this plan, I wouldn't have lost a single ounce on my own; the comments and encouragement I have received have been fantastic. Thank you.

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Congratulations with your progress LaughingBuddha!

LaughingBuddhaMaintainer in reply to Shotglass

Thank you Shotglass. Just clicked onto your page, seems to me you're doing amazingly well. Well impressed!

ShotglassMaintainer in reply to LaughingBuddha

Thank you :-) Slow but steady.


Well done - soon be there then it's just a matter of keeping at the change of lifestyle :)

LaughingBuddhaMaintainer in reply to cheritorrox

A little of what you say about yourself strikes a chord with me - I stopped drinking five and half years ago, very much for the better. Your reply - and thank your for that - aswell, it's all about keeping it up, but I'm determined as I am sure you are. So, cheritorrox "Keep it up."

cheritorroxMaintainer in reply to LaughingBuddha

I've got to point where occasional indulgence is fine - but need to ensure don't become bad habits again! :)

Well done LaughingBuddha,

Inspiration to us all.


LaughingBuddhaMaintainer in reply to gman1961

Thanks for that gman 1961. It's receiving comments like that keeps me motivated.

gman1961Host in reply to LaughingBuddha

Great motivation on here,


Well done! Keep going no looking back now Summers on it way.

LaughingBuddhaMaintainer in reply to Doobie1702

Thank you Doobie 1702. Oh boy! Am I ready for Summer already! What says you?

As long as I can shift the pounds I will thoroughly enjoy it otherwise I will lock myself away and sweat lol

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