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I new to this I am badly overweight 5.5 stone to be honest and I just don't know how to get a grip on losing weight, I like very little in the way of food also im a very plain eater , I have lived on junk most of my adult life crisps, sweets , chocolate etc always worked on the road so far easier to do this even though it was wrong, my children have always eaten a good diet and would try most things , and are all quite normal built, and I am the exact opposite

the time has now come I need to lose weight, any help would be so gratefully received

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crochet192 stone

Hello! I know how you feel, I have over 3 stone to lose! I suggest that you break it up into small targets and then when you reach your goal reward yourself with something nice, not food! 😉

You can do this!! plan your meals ahead, eat a variety of food and make sure you don’t get hungry so you reach for the biscuits! New year, new start, new you!! Good luck! I’m cheering you on! 😘


Eat what your children eat, since they are eating well. Take a salad and cheese when working away from home. Soup is also good, but most restaurants here in US put too much salt, not sure why they do this! Good luck


Hello Podgypodge and a very warm welcome to the Weight Loss Forum 😊

First of all, to make navigating the forum easier, we've put all the information you'll need in a newbie pack and here's the link healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

Please read it carefully as it has links to many helpful aspects of the forum such as the Daily Diary for help with meal planning and details of how to join a Group Weigh in

I highly recomend coming onto the forum regularly, daily if you can, reading posts and replying to others. Being part of a community is proven to help weight loss.

Lastly, for your own privacy and safety online we suggest that you lock your posts by selecting ‘followers in my community’ when you write a new post. Please read our security post here. healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

Best wishes in your weight loss journey 😊

ollio1 stone

Hey there....I am 6 stone 7lbs over weight and relate to everything you have said. Try and think of the non junk food that you do like and take it from there. Try and stay within your daily calorie count. I installed My Fitness Pal to help with that....and it helped me see where I am going right and wrong too. If your stuck just ask. I will follow you to see how you are getting on? Good luck x

ollio1 stone

P.S. Have been walking a little bit a day as well. Everyone is good here....you will do this with help and support x

Hi, I'm in the same boat, will be following to get any tips, hope you can find some useful tips. All the best on your wieghtloss journey!

Hi Podgypodge, you’ll get lots of support and advice here. Like you, I’ve got a lot of weight to lose and I’m hoping to do it by cutting all that stuff like crisps and chocolate right out, not even having them in the house. I only work 3 days a week now but I always make a packed meal - nothing fancy, just sandwiches or a flask of soup - so I don’t get tempted when going to buy something. Have you joined one of the daily weigh-ins on here?

PandQs3st 7lbs

Hi Podgypodge - I’d been trying for a while, but when someone pointed me in the direction of this video, it was lightbulb moment for me. I’ve been following a low carb, high fat diet since, and it’s working well for me. Especially if you’ve a habit of junk food, episode 4 is informative, but take a look at YouTube video “The Skinny on Obesity, episode 3”. Good luck, and let me know what you thinking it?

JazzthecatRestart October 2019

With 7stone to lose I’m with you on this. I’ll let you know what works for me

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