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Hi Everyone, I'm a newby ... ! I think this is the first step to action : positive engagement.

I am going to try hard to not waver. When I meet a hurdle I will not punish myself , but keep going!! First of Jan today so a good day to begin. I am going to draw up a , work/food/exercise routine with water stops at strategic moments.

Goodluck and Good Health to you out there!! We can change our habits.

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gman1961Working at it

Good luck Yalcrab,

Great support on here,great advice ,open all the time and it's free.


in reply to gman1961

Thank You !! You too. We all want everyone to succeed in some way or another.

Hi, I’m a newbie too. I’m going to send this week organising and planning with the nhs 12 week plan sheets.

Getting to the end of the Xmas food in the house so fruit and veg are colourful welcoming return after all the beige (sausage rolls, bread sticks etc).

I need to increase my water intake and gently introduce exercise.

Being kind to myself should help my motivation.

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Thank you for reminding me to print off the week plan sheets. Good luck!

Never underestimate the power of positive thinking and support in this case!


Hi, how about joining today's weigh in team? I found that was a great way of being engaged with the forum from the start and it has kept me committed over the past year.

Here's the link

You'll find an established team plus newbies like yourself, to get to know for support and encouragement along the way.

Wishing you every success :)


Excellent objective Yalcrab 👏. Everyone has wobbles and blips, but the truly successful don’t give up 😊.

DRS5410 kg

Welcome and well said! Now let's put it into action.

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