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Multiple failure woman tries again!


Oh, here I go again. Sigh!

But here goes. I've ordered an index diary for recording calories and a proper food diary. Doing the measuring up tomorrow. Had enough of my gut!

I've an elderly friend who did this plan and she has lost a lot of weight and has managed to keep it off. I've tried this plan before but found it difficult living with my new husband who can eat anything he wants (and does) and doesn't put on weight.

I find at 49 on the horizon, I don't want to go into my fifties putting on more and more weight. Wish me luck!

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Hello Celticshe and welcome to the forum 😊

Make sure you use the NHS BMI calculator to get the right calorie range for the 12 week plan: 1400 is generic and suits very few of us.

A good way to start here would be joining today’s weigh in team in the morning. You'll get to know a very supportive bunch of people who will appreciate your support, too. Here's the link. If you read the opening post, it will explain all

You'll find a list of all the forum activities here

..... and this Newbie pack will help you find your way around

We also ask that you read this information about internet privacy and security .....

I see your post isn't locked. This means that it, and any replies, can be shared around the Internet without your knowledge or consent (see the Twitter and Facebook logos below your post). Often that won't matter to you but sometimes people discuss personal stuff or accidentally disclose something that might identify them so we think it's a good extra level of security to lock your posts. :)

Wishing you all the best and I hope you become an active and supportive member of the forum 😊

BerlinBettyWork in Progress

Hello Darling. There is no shame in the failures but indeed Heroism in the willingness to pick yourself up and Go At It Again, so WELL DONE. Many of us have had to do this as a repeat process, so Good For You!

Meanwhile, you might suggest to the New Spouse that he gives you a welcome psychological boost by NOT eating everything he wants in front of you for the duration until you attain the weight-level you are happy and secure with...

...Or that if he must get himself outside three Toblerones and a bag of chips drowned in mayonnaise, he does it covertly, crouched in the garden shed?

Just a Thought...

BB x

Im sure you will do fab... noting what one actually eats on a daily basis is indeed an eye opener and is motivation in itself. Good luck!

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I wish you all the best Celticshe! Hopefully this will be the time you succeed! We will be here supporting you x 😊

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Thanks very much!

In the same boat as you so please don’t feel alone ! I’m hoping to succeed this time too 😊 good luck x

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Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my. Bring it on. We'll do it together Lasttime...xo


Hello and welcome Celticshe 😊

My husband also loves his food and has a good appetite. However, when I started looking at the maths of calories consumed etc I realise that he is bigger than me, more active than me and actually ate less often than me!! I no longer use that reasoning. I have worked out MY calorie target and stick to that, also changed WHAT I eat, and have successfully lost weight and kept it off 😊

You can do this 😊


Good morning, Celticshe, how about joining us at today's weigh in? We're a friendly bunch and you'll be made very welcome. Just click on the link, read the opening post and it will explain all

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs

Ha ha , I like your sense of humour but know exactly what you mean , its not funny is it ? Im starting on wednesday once new year is over , bring it on !

My husband is the same . He eats all, everything and anything. Shape is similar but now found his cholesterol levels need addressing so for some the food is doing internal damage . Do this for you . I think actually seeing externally your body shape changing motivates you more .

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