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Need to sort myself out 😊


Hi I'm Ana I'm 46 and really need to lose a couple of stone. I am a deputy manager of a children's home and try to eat healthy but find myself picking at food throughout the day and never sticking to a diet. As food is how I reward myself. I have just qualified as a gym instructor and on my days of I teach at a women's gym which I love but I do not feel as confident as I should as I know I need to lose weight.

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Hello! Saw your post earlier but didn't get time to answer.. And think that's true of everyone else at this time of year! Brilliant that you have that new qualification... and you are definitely in the right place for loads of support on the weight loss front, especially if you join one of the weigh-ins. You can look forward to rewarding yourself with good food and plenty of it! Well done for signing up before Christmas rather than letting it slide till Jan 1st.

An Admin will send you all the starting info tomorrow, I am sure, but I thought I'd say hello anyway! Why not weigh in tomorrow (I am a Wednesday Wobble Warrior, and you'll see others signing in for their weekly check in..)

Till then, welcome!

Hi Madlady. Badly need to sort myself out too!

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I've lost 1.5 stone in 2 months and I hate it,everything looks saggy

Hi.. nice to hear from you, i would say i used to think same like you when i was beginner and i wanted to begin with diet plan but i was foodie and it was hard for to start and easy to postpone.

I think we all should have some goal because it helps us for keep moving until we don't reach at our goal post.


Hello and a very warm welcome to the Weight Loss Forum 😊

I think you know yourself what your food issues are, but this behaviour is difficult to stop. My own experience was to focus on eating foods I enjoyed at mealtimes, and also eating enough to prevent hunger, and this then made it much easier to stop the nibbling between meals. I also eat a little more of the good healthy fats, essential for balanced nutrition as well as satiety. I know this may not be easy if all your meals are provided, but having a little calorie knowledge will help you make the right decisions at meal times 😊

Please take a look at the Welcome Newbie Post for advice about how the forum works and all the things we have on offer. Read it carefully as it has lots of important information, and just ask if you have any questions.

Best wishes

Indigo 😊

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13ValerieHealthy BMI

A big warm welcome to you ♥️

You are in a great position of influence in both your roles. Here's to your health and happiness.

Come on often to let us know how you are getting on.

I also need to lose 2 stone - would having a challenge help? Im happy to post my daily weight and in brackets the plus or minus:)

P.S. I worked in childrens homes for twenty years and dieting with all the food around is sooo hard.

Why you don't carry food along with you. You can carry normal foods in your bag and when you are travelling you can have your foods. By this way, you can manage your weight also and if you want to lose weight then have a little walk with children play with them and also involve in some activities due to this your body movement is also happening and somewhere help in weight loss also.

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