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Any tips on toning sagging stomach and thighs? I’ve been trying daily sit ups but not seem to be helping. Haven’t conquered my fear of going to the gym alone yet but as I’m desperate I am going to... any gym workouts? Have no idea how sets work and what equipment to use and for how long 😂

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Hi Tanya! If you're not ready for the gym itself but want some gym-style exercise to do at home, I can recommend Kayla Itsines' style of working out... She has an app now but the older PDFs are better value for money I think!

Thank you, will check her out now !


Is there anything here that you'd fancy?

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Thank you, hadn’t seen this before. I’ll try it out 💖

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Hope you find something that works for you :)

Hi Tanya-T

When i was going to my Personal trainer, she told me that exercises like the plank can help - theres currently a plank challenge on here which people are attempting

I use an app called seven and that has a free workout each day you can do at home

Im the same, i do go to the gym bery ocasionally on my own but hate it as i need someone with me to motivate me !

Good luck xx

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Thank you, will definitely give it a go


Do the plank challenge then ask for help at the gym.

13ValerieHealthy BMI

Sorry I have no idea, but I suggest you go along to the gym just for a chat with one of the instructors. Let this be your introduction and see if you like the atmosphere.

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Pilates is excellent for the stomach and core muscles there. There is more sagging in the stomach as we get older...just nature.Plank is good and sit ups.

I made sure I had headphones with good music for my gym visits, I chose a smaller of our council gyms. The personal trainer showed me round and gave me a program to start with. I know its terrifying but the first time is going to be the worst, and once you get that done, you will find the other gym users are supportive and will pass on tips and advice.


Personally I don’t like gyms, so I have developed my own routine. I did include sit ups but someone said they put too much pressure on your spine and are not a good excercise, google sit ups, I don’t think you will continue with them. So I do core exercises, ones which I am comfortable with and I made my own weights, by using two empty milk cartons filled with water. It has improved my posture and my stomach muscles. But you may need the support of other gym members. Also if you could join a local yoga group, this is also good for posture. I also walk 5 miles a day sometimes more and cycle. And of course there are the activities challuon here.

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