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Hi I have just joined up and am feeling really deflated. Need to lose weight, but am really struggling. Am sure it is to do with the menapause, but not sure how I am going to get my metabolism back on track, or my sleeping habits either.

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Hello and a very warm welcome 😊

First of all, please take a look at the Welcome Newbie Post here for advice about how they forum works and all the things we have on offer.

Having enough to eat is vital, if you are following the NHS 12 Week plan then the 1400 calorie target suggested is a just generic amount, so check your calorie target on the BMI checker, it’s often higher than you think.

WHAT you eat is vital. Fats are no longer the bad guys, infact, for menopausal women, a low carb high fat approach can be very beneficial as it helps balance the hunger and appetite hormones

Read these posts for a better explanation

Try to come onto the forum regularly, daily if you can, reading posts and replying to others. Being part of a community is proven to help weight loss. Why not join our daily chat thread ‘What’s Happening Today? And tell us all a little about your day.

And lastly, For your own privacy and safety online we suggest that you lock your posts by selecting ‘followers in my community’ when you write a new post. Please read our security post here.

Best wishes and have a great first week

Indigo 😊

pauluk601st 7lbs

HI ROSEY i wrote afew post mite mean something to you about loosing weight if you click on name post are there not all about weight loss but few there all my own little ways of dealing with problem

RoseyTB7lbs in reply to pauluk60

Thank you. I do have problems with my joints, one is an injury to my shoulder, which I was born with the problem, and has progressed as I have got older. Although it has been operated on, I still am having trouble with it. the other is problems with a cyst behind my left knee, which makes my leg ache so. I can't have it operated on, as it won't do any good apparantly!!!! I have a dog, which I walk daily, but I have no idea why I cannot shift this weight. Really getting me down at the moment.

pauluk601st 7lbs in reply to RoseyTB

well rosey cant say its going to easy for you to do but you can listen you must have guts if you been under pressure from birth with arm so your no softie try to loose a little at first it will boost your ego make you come out of the dumps it will lift you and then you can go for it proper good luck

RoseyTB7lbs in reply to pauluk60

Thanks for those kind words. I am going to start from today as it is Tuesday 😁. I want to lose 2 stone. That will get me down to a healthy 9.7 stone. For my height, that is about middle. So that will be 5 inches off my waist.

LouisaFleury in reply to RoseyTB

Hey Rosey! Same boat, need to get back on track and finding it tough. Have so many cravings to fight each minute of each day....just downloaded this so hope to get me and Hubbie on track. Good luck with yours, it’s tackling each day at a time. I always say “one good day” and then that turns into two and so on.

Hi RoseyTB I’m exactly the same as you I’ve suddenly started struggling to lose weight and I’m getting to that stage in my life too, it’s just sticking I think I need to reduce my portion size and do more varied exercise but with 3 demanding children and work I’m finding it hard!

pauluk601st 7lbs in reply to Cakelover28

dont over do it like you said portion size will b the culprit and whats on it no creams sauces or the like with 3 kids you got enough exercise if i remember rightly do to much you go backwards

I have a dog, which I walk for about 3 hours aday, you would think I was a skinny!!!! I fell last year, really badly, should have had it looked at I know, but I have set off my shoulder and I really hurt some days. Have a job to move, I cannot go to aerobics, have been advised by the physio, that certain movements are not allowed. I had an impingement operation, so it restricts your arm movements.

pauluk601st 7lbs in reply to RoseyTB

rosie if your walking dog for that long is that not to much for you and all whats going on with health and ops you could ask for help with it but if you enjoy walk do it bet dog does


Hope you'll have time to read the information IndigoBlue61 has given you Rosey, as that will help you get the most out of this forum


Ah RoseyTB I have that T-shirt too! Damn hormones they mess with your head, weight, sleep evil little things!

At 55 (hence my name tag) I hated how my body looked, how I felt and tossing and turning at night in an internal furnace was driving me crackers! How can you be so bleep bleep tied and not sleep, and in the day I could put my head on the table and sleep. A horrible feeling like I wasn't in control of my body it was controlling me! Oh and not to mention bursting into tears (around that time) at lovely sunsets or when nice things happened! Unless I'd experienced it myself you would think it wasn't possible, it is a crazy time of life!

Next time I'm coming back as a dog, and a male one at that!

You might find some of my other posts amusing. Feeling crazy & angry with my body is what lead me to this brilliant site.

Through patience and acceptance of the age stage I'm at we (my head, body) have become friends again, over time.

I have lost 10lbs, eating much more sensibly and upped my exercise, finding things that work for me, that I enjoy and have fun. Writing this I realise I feel much better in general health and outlook, hopefully the "feeling like you are going mad phase" has passed!

Don't tell anyone ssh! But I actually quite like my new toned shape, got my frizzy hair under control, regular defuzzing of hair we don't want (that's a whole other story! Lol!) And having more energy feels rather nice, at last!

Sorry for the ramble but, I know other ladies will know where we are coming from!

Best wishes 😍

RoseyTB7lbs in reply to Hidden

Hey thanks for your lovely reply. You are spot on. I cannot believe that I have got myself in a tizz over stupid things really. I don't sleep, and I never feel hungry, but I don't have any energy half the time. I plan my day, but half way through the morning, it has gone all pear shaped!!! I shall write my diet plan next week, just wanted to get the feel of the sight. Portion control, is what is needed, don't see the point in cutting out food, as that will make me want to eat it all the more. also, I need to keep moving, find I get all stiff, if I am lazing around. Don't talk to me about the hair, mine used to be lovely and wavy, but all the shampoos seem to do is weigh it done with oils, so I have a head of flat, oily hair. I seem to be going through all the shampoos, just to find one suitable for my hair. Aaagh gets me down. I guess I should be lucky, as I haven't found any grey yet, I think that would be the icing on the cake for me. :) Still onwards and upwards as they say. Take each day as it comes. If I could just not think about the next meal, I would be alright. Have a bright and shiny day. :)

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