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I'm fat, I need help

I have just turned 18 and I always have struggled with my weight I was bullied at school cause am fat. I need help !!!!! I binge eat a lot I can eat like 2 boxes of Doritos and like 2 other bags of crisp all to myself and I know deep down I am killing myself slowly. my mum is always telling me I need to lose weight I know that I need to for my own mental and physical health. I just need help to get started. I need help I know am fat and this is me admitting it please help me

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Hello and welcome to our friendly forum,

You have youth on your side and I hope that we can help you to loose the weight so that you can go forward with a healthy eating plan for life.

Do you still live at home with your Mum? I am hoping that she will be happy to support you on your journey. I would suggest that you make sure there are no Doritos or crisps in the house or other junk food, that way you won't be able to turn to it so easily.

Take a look at the 12 week plan, if you haven't already. Please check out your own personal calorie range on the NHS BMI calculator, the link is in the newbie pack below.

How about starting right now by going along to the Tuesday Trimmers weigh in and joining in with them - you will get lots of support - here is the link - healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

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Wishing you all the best :)

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Welcome to the forum. You can do this. Just have faith in yourself. You'll find success stories here , many members having lost huge amounts of weight. Take it slowly, say a half stone at a time and please don't get impatient. Above all, check in here regularly, join in events and use the Daily Diary for support and motivation. Good luck. I'll look out for your progress.



Hi Kikol

You can do this!

Do you know what triggers you to binge? I ask because its as much about changing your relationship with food as much as what food it is that you eat !

Once you know what causes you to binge, then you can address that....& then turn that binge energy into positive energy ! My local areas YMCA have commumity events each day for free such as rounders, C25K, health walks, netball, football etc they also do a 12 week nutrition course and physical activity course, why not see if theres something similar near you!

You can do this 😍 x


You can do this! You’re young and have your whole life ahead of you!

I wished I’d have lost weight and started exercise when I was younger!!

Please don’t be so hard on yourself!!

You know what you want to do, you just have to find a way to get there!

Eat less and move more, I know it sounds easy but in reality I know it’s not!

Just start by making healthy swaps, cut down the snacks.

Once you see the weight coming off, you’ll smash it!

I started C25k a year ago, give that a try or walking or even the gym or swimming.

Here anytime if u need help

Good luck to you x


As others have said, you have youth on your side. If you're serious about this, people won't even recognise you on the street this time next year: young bodies can fix themselves incredibly quickly. I'll just give you a few general tips rather than a food plan:

1) "Eat less and move more" only works for people who are already basically healthy. It almost never works for people who are drastically overweight, for reasons that are too boring to go into here. However if you've tried this method before, you'll know intuitively that it doesn't work.

2) As per lucigret's post, if you're living with your parents, you need support from them. More than likely, you are all (like most British families) eating food that is guaranteed to make anyone fat, either slowly or quickly. Have a look through your cupboards. Do you see anything on this list:


sliced white bread

breakfast cereals

pasta and pasta sauces

rice and rice-based sauces in packets or jars

fruit juices (real or synthetic), fizzy drinks

other sugary drinks (eg., Milo, chocolate milk)

baked beans and similar tinned or packaged 'meals'

biscuits, crisps, cakes

potatoes and frozen products made from potatoes

margarine and "low fat" products

While these things aren't exactly bad for you in small doses, when they're eaten in combination, every day, all the time, you have a big problem, and the only effective solution is to just stop eating them. All of them. At least temporarily until your body can reset and restart. If they are in the cupboards, you will be tempted to eat them. Therefore they need to go. Therefore, you'll need your whole family to do what you'll be doing! It's not painful: in fact it's enjoyable. Once you get into the right habits you'll feel great.

3) To replace those things, you need to get into the habit of eating proper food. That means vegetables (a lot of vegetables), meat, eggs and dairy. Again, look what's in your house: is the veg drawer full of fresh veg? Does the freezer contain cuts of meat ... or breaded chicken thingies? Are there eggs and cheese and full-fat milk in the fridge? If you can't arrange for these things to be there, you'll be hungry, and you'll go right back to eating fattening food.

4) I have to say this loudly because it's important: do not eat tiny meals and do not try to reduce your dietary fat. If you do those things, the most likely outcome is that you will get fatter. I know that sounds daft, but it is what it is. The key to getting slim is to make sure you are full at mealtimes, with the correct foods on your plate (that's stuff from List 3, above, and nothing from List 2). If you eat the correct foods, and enough of them, you won't be tempted to snack. And if you eat 2 or 3 filling, healthy meals a day, with no snacks, you'll lose weight. Everyone in your family can eat this way and they'll feel better for it.

Since you're already very overweight, it might take a couple of months to kick in - I'm not sure why, it just does - but it will work. In the meantime, you'll know you're on track because you won't feel an overwhelming urge to polish off a box of Jaffa Cakes, and you will stop gaining weight. The main hurdle you have here, I'm guessing, is getting support from your family.

One radical idea that may or may not be of use: if you've just left school, enrol on a culinary course at your local college. You'll not only have a valuable skill that will earn you a living anywhere in the world, you'll be able to cook healthy meals for yourself and your family without anyone moaning!

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Yes i would agree with all of this, especially the stopping the cravings, it certainly does that,


Hi Kikol,

I’ve just read the reply that IvanTheHorrible has written and I would rename him IvanTheHelpful because what he’s saying has been exactly right for me. You’ve been born into an age where processed food, ready meals, snacks are the norm, and you’re now suffering because your body can’t deal with it and constantly craves more of the bad stuff.

When I first joined I was directed to a video “The Skinny on Obesity” which to my mind was an eye opener. I’ve switched to lower carbs and included more fat and protein than previously, with the result that I rarely feel the urge to snack between meals and I’m losing weight, slowly but surely.

I’ve also read a book called The Food Rules, which has some good points about what we eat, for example “it’s not food if it arrived through the car window” :))

The next time you feel sad about your weight, don’t turn to crisps, they’re really NOT your friends, come here and put your hands on a keyboard instead.

Take a look at this and realise that you are not to blame for what is happening to you:

Good luck with what your doing, make this a turning point in your life!


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