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Am I doing things wrong

Johnnylewis2019 October

Hi all. 5 weeks ago I weighed 18 stone, are loads chocolate, loads fast food. Now I'm doing c25k, cut out chocolate and fast food. Calorie counting. Eating fruit and veg reguarly. It' I'm a different person. But I'm noticing no difference. Is 4 weeks too soon. I'm pushing myself to be carefull and enjoying my running and exercise.

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Hi and welcome, Johnnylewis :)

When you say you're noticing no difference, what exactly do you mean? You haven't lost weight? You don't feel fitter? You don't feel slimmer?

Exercise is great for health and well-being, but shouldn't be relied on for weight loss, most of that will be down to what you're eating. If you log your menus on our Daily Diary, we will have a better idea of exactly what you are eating and will be able to offer pertinent advice.

To make navigating the forum easier, we've put all the information you'll need in a newbie pack and here's the link

Please take the time to read it carefully, so that you're able to enjoy everything that we have on offer.

We ask that you also read this important information about internet privacy and security, especially as you've left your post unlocked, have used your photo and appear to be using your full name.

Wishing you all the best :)

Johnnylewis2019 October in reply to moreless

Hi thanks for reply. Yes I record everything in my fitness pal and my target is 1880 according to them. I run 3 days a week on that prograame and I walk 3/4 days a week. My job is quite active as well. Lots of lifting and walking. Supermarket delevery driver. Customer said to me that I look like I have lost weight. My problem is I just don't see it or feel it. I do cardio to strengthen my core which I do feel my stomach get to g stronger.

morelessAdministrator in reply to Johnnylewis

If you've got your calorie allowance from mfp, then I can guarantee it's too low. Put your details into the NHS BMI calculator and start near the upper end of the range. This will explain why

Have you weighed, or measured yourself, to see if there have been any changes?

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Johnnylewis

So customers are saying you look slimmer, and you feel stronger, that’s two big positives 😊👏👏👏. We say it over and over, but scale weight is just one measure of fat loss. Use a tape measure, the camera, how your clothes feel, (waist measurement in particular) as well as scales.

But have a read of the link Moreless gave you, you can’t burn fat and increase muscle strength without adequate fuel 😊

Good luck


Mcrickyb19833st 7lbs

Depends on how many calories u eating john, iam 6ft 6 and weighed 20st 9lbs and by eating 1800 calories per day as well as exercising, iam now down to 17st, after 51 days, i do cardio 2 times per week and strength training 3 times a week and have the weekend off. If u have been dieting for 4 weeks and remain the same weight, u could be eating more calories than u think, try 1800 calories per day for a few weeks john, see if theres any change and also do a few days of cardio maybe 20- 30 minutes a time, hope this helps

morelessAdministrator in reply to Mcrickyb1983

Hi and welcome, Mcrickyb1983 :)

At 6ft 6", 20st 9lbs and doing all that exercise, your calorie input should have been between 2772 and 3564. Eating too little, too soon, could lead to a stalling in weight loss and difficulty maintaining, as your metabolism will slow to compensate. Have a look at this, for a more in-depth explanation

We would never advise anyone cutting their calories so drastically.

I hope that you'll follow the links that I've given Johnnylewis and will enjoy everything this forum has to offer :)

Hi, Johnnylewis

I found that I could lose one or two pounds a week without counting calories, or exercising.

I did a lot of exercise when I could, but now I am disabled.


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