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Discovering new recipes - what have you tried?

supermarmite1st 7lbs

Hey everyone. I just wanted to share a couple of recipes that I tried yesterday that were really good. One of my real positives so far in this process is that I've cooked some delicious things that I just wouldn't have thought of.

The beef mince curry was really quick to make, and I chucked in some veggies that I had lying around. YUM. Recipe here:

The spinach raita was an attempt to get a bit more protein in, so I did half yogurt and half quark. It was amazing!

Those two plus a chapati came to 609 calories.

What are your new food discoveries since starting your weight loss process? I need more ideas!

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Hi supermarmite - what an interesting post! I will be coming back here to see what people have been doing.

I really like to ring the changes and prefer to cook from scratch - but nothing is allowed to take too long.

My best discoveries on my weight loss journey have been:

- breakfast smoothies (usually involving milk or coconut milk, cocoa powder and some kind of nut e.g. ground almonds, peanut butter) - around 250 cals

- carrot cake overnight oats

- Hairy Dieters salmon with chilli and ginger (the family love this!)

- fruit ice poles (favourite is watermelon and lime; have also done a raspberry one and a gooseberry one, used Stevia to sweeten them) - 25 cals typically

- popcorn bars (family love these so much they have nicked them all! The tin is empty!) - 100 cals

Sorry I don't have the links for any of these to hand but they are all googleable except maybe the ice poles which I have talked about elsewhere in the forum - basically just home-pureed and strained fruit and a tiny bit of sweetener, frozen in silicone moulds.

Not really recipes but v welcome additions to my menus:

- Becks Blue alcohol free lager - 40 cals a bottle

- ahem, slight aberration - Tesco mini meringues, 20 cals a pop

supermarmite1st 7lbs
in reply to bikegrrrl

oooh the popcorn one sounds amazing. I do a lot of salmon with spices so I'm right with you there. I've also convinced my small children that frozen watermelon with a stick stuck in them ARE ice lollies! I think I could be really into breakfast smoothies so I'm going to look into that one a bit more. Thank you bikegrrrl.

in reply to supermarmite

Wow - frozen watermelon on a stick - I absolutely have to try that one!!!

Hidden9st 7lbs
in reply to bikegrrrl

I'm chuffed that the carrot cake overnight oats is on your list!

One of the more bizarre ideas I posted up but I thought it really did work and was yummy!

in reply to Hidden

Aha I thought I remembered it was you, Hidden but wasn't sure and didn't have time to look. Really excellent recipe.


Thank you for sharing supermarmite, did you remember to select ‘recipes’ for the topic so that we can find them again in future?

supermarmite1st 7lbs
in reply to IndigoBlue61

Ah no - just edited it so it's now on topic. Thank you!


Probably roasted vegetables.

I ring the changes according to the meal, the season, and what's to hand, but variations of Mediterranean vegetables - onions, garlic, courgette, aubergine, tomatoes for example; root vegetables - parsnips, carrots, onions, swede; and "assorted" - so, leeks, Brussels sprouts, carrots, butternut squash. I just find it very quick and easy to push a tray of veg in the oven, with some olive oil, some seasoning and even a few herbs of whatever I fancy pushed in amongst the veggies.

Fills me up, healthily, and adapts to all sorts of different meals and fish.

in reply to MissisB

I do this also, it’s really useful 😊


I have discovered courgette fritters. I have tried quite a lot of new recipes particularly like bbc/good food website as they are calorie counted.

supermarmite1st 7lbs
in reply to Barcud

Oooh sounds delicious

in reply to supermarmite

You’ll find the courgette fritter recipe in vegetarian (I think)

Hi, I haven't discovered recipes yet as such, but I have rediscovered some foods for being really filling and satisfying with relatively low calories and carbs:

- Quinoa. I wash it before cooking and cook it a bit like a risotto: starting by "frying" some finely chopped onion in a pan with a drop of oil (or low calories spray) then add the stock (1 1/2 the volume of the quinoa). Then add dried herbs, spring onions, a generous squeeze of lemon or all of the above!).

- Popcorn. The kind you pop at home. It weighs so little that 10g is a very satisfying handful or small bowl.

- Kallo spicy rice and corn cakes. I find rice cakes really boring usually, but these are quite tasty and again quite filling for the calories.

I will be following this thread, I am always on the lookout for some ideas!

Hidden9st 7lbs

I've had time to have a think on this now - and there have been some really good ideas / recipes shared on here.

Tiggerr 's butternut, chorizo stew is a firm fave for myself - and quite a few others i believe too!!

IndigoBlue61 posted a great cabbage carbonara - an alternative to spaghetti which was ideal to use up some left over cabbage!

Justsharon did post a peanut chicken with tangy carrot salad that was really really tasty too!!

Overnight oats for me as well. Although i was aware of them, i'd never had them until i saw it as a favourite for many on the daily diary. It's now a staple for me as well and i mix between either this or eggs / mushrooms for brekkie!


I have also discovered courgette fritters - I love BridgeGirl's recipe in Topics, Vegetarian Recipes. I do add cheese to mine.

I have also discovered that I can now eat avocado and enjoy it, by frying it in olive oil and putting plenty of pepper and 30g of grated cheese over it and allowing it to melt just before serving - goes really well with egg and bacon. I never thought I would like Avocado, even though a forum friend from the past kept telling me how lovely they were :)

Stir fries - I am like MissisB and IndigoBlue with their roasted veg, about stir fries. We rarely boil our veg any more, but do lots of weird and wonderful mixes of stir fried veg - I have definitely found a love of really crunchy vegetables.

I have discovered so many new recipes, but my all time favourite is a Creamy Fish Pie out of the Blood Sugar Diet book - it is just so lovely and creamy and absolutely delicious :)

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