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Hi all :)

Having lost two stone last year on Weight Watchers, I stopped the programme and guess what happened? I gained 80% of the weight back. My biggest shock today was when I was trying on my jeans, although most of them still fit, they are unquestionably tighter - and some don't fit at all. I suffer from depression and am hugely addicted to Coca Cola (which I've now switched to Coke Zero), but I just need some inspiration to start this weight loss journey again. I'm notorious for starting and stopping diets within a week or two. I know I need to lose weight, but I've got little motivation at the moment. Any words of wisdom would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you!

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Great to have you join us Crissie26

Welcome and enjoy the forum...

Best advice I could give you is join in as much as you have time for on here, post on the daily diary every day, the weigh in weekly and challenges weekly to be involved and motivated along with making friends here...

Please check with your health professional regarding your actions to lose weight and get their support locally to compliment this wonderful forum...

I'd like to invite you to read our Newbie Post - which is what I call the sat-nav to the benefits of the forum, here's the link:

Please also read this about the importance of locking your posts:

We'd love to know how you found us...?

Cheering you on to reach your goals 🎉🎉🎉

Thank you so much! I will have a look at the links now. I found you on Google, actually. Fingers crossed that I can start and stick to my diet plan this time.


Hello Crissie and welcome

Have a good read of all the information and just ask if you get stuck. You’ve done this before so know you can do it again, and this time younhave all of us cheering you on 😊

I don’t wish to overwhelm you with too much all at once but stopping Diet Coke was one of the hardest things I did, but was one of the most successful. Somehow drinking it made me want sweet things even more. Stopping it has sort of re-set my taste buds if that makes sense? I am also sleeping better.

Good luck!

Indigo 😊

Mindset towards foods is your key then youve got it in the bag.. good luck xx

Good Luck Crissie26 as Minniewinny says just try And participate as much as you can on here. I have been a Weight Watcher for years but now have turned to counting calories not points so I know exactly what I’m eating. Try and plan your meals like you may have done on WW. You can go on my fitness pal to check your calories. Look forward to seeing your posts. 😁

Wobbleless2st 7lbs

Hi Chrissie can you remember how you felt when you lost 2 stone?

It is a lot to loose and so hard when you have to start again, I would like this to be my last attempt at this major reduction programme too. I guess it's like any prop we use when the stress starts so does the need for comfort food. I am trying to find new ways to look after myself when I feel the need to over eat. A manicure or a soak in the bath or a walk with the dog anything that makes you feel good. I don't have depression but know exercise works well to lift your mood. Once you start again I think you will feel positive ......I pretend it's a different 2 Stone😊

I gave up dieting when I was 50. And lost 2st.

Dieting makes you fat!

If you eat when you are physically hungry ( not sad, happy, watching, telly etc)

My sister is a natural thin person, when I go to hers for a cup of tea I always took cake😀 and whereas she would say " no thanks I'm not hungry"

Even though I wasn't hungry I still attached two cakes.

Bad habits can be like iron to break but oh so fantastic when you do.

Good luck ♥️

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Mammy1926

Wise advice :)


Oh what to say, it’s not a race, and we only get one body, try and take care of it!

Find the reasons why you gain, is it the support group you miss, if so return, my advice.

Pls loook at the effects of aspartame and sweeteners too, alarming , and their side effects.

Try to find help for your depression too

13ValerieHealthy BMI

Words of wisdom...

Never give up on yourself

Don't punish yourself for starting again... Celebrate it... You're worth it😀

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