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My top tips!

FinalFewPoundsHealthy BMI

I can happily say I'm down for 10st 2 to 8st 11, with only a few lb to go! Here's stuff that worked for me

1. Watch portion sizes. A large potato with cheese can be 600c, not 300!

2. Move more. I hate sport but I love dancing/walking. Just an hour a day makes a massive difference.

3. Don't be put off by slow progress. I had months where I lost 1lb and months where I lost 5! Hormones and stress happen.

4. Don't have trigger foods (stuff you binge on) in the house. I'm a sucker for chips so I just don't have them around. No temptation, no pressure.

5. Eat healthily: fruit and veg and quorn are all great alternatives! Once you work out the spices, you'll easily adapt. Hang in there!

Good luck!

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They are good tips and if you think about it based on common sense, but it changing your habits that's the difficult bit


Good tips all of them. Particularly the baked potato one. It's easy to fool ourselves that we are eating far fewer calories than we really are!

CockneyblueRestart August 2019

Thank you. Although these seem common sense a lot of the time I don’t have any so again thank you for pointing these out. Especially the dancing/walking 👍

Well done you! And thank you for the tips. I've lost half a stone and think I could do with losing another stone. I so agree about not having trigger foods in the house.

izzy1981Nursing Mum 2020

Congratulations and thank you for the tips.

sunny3692 stone

Congratulation! When I look at the suggested weight I have to get to to have a healthy BMI is seems a long way down so thank you for the inspiration and tips :)

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