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Update on the bingo wings


I had my assessment via the NHS paris scheme last Friday and promised to post back as now I am shedding weight my arms are flabby . The trainer said resistance exercise was best . I have 4 to do on weight machines which are chest presses , one pulling down a weight whilst holding on with 2 arms ...could go on but unless you have about £5k and a big spare room then like me you couldn't do them at home . The 2 I can do at home are using a chair for support don't sit on it but put both your arms on the edge and couch up and down and the other is stretching your arms against the wall then slowly try to press your nose to the wall keeping back straight , feet on floor and bending your arms in . 10 x3 of those ...but for me the chair one is almost impossible .

All went fine for 2 days then I fell on a wet dance floor and now have splints on my wrists ...oh well no excuse for stuffing myself with food . Can still go on longish walks as now off work ....can wave my arms in frustration though !

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Thanks for the update focused and really sorry to hear about your spill, just as you were getting into the swing of things.

You're being positive by still getting out and walking, in the meantime, I hope your wrists mend quickly and you get back to the other exercises.

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Will do . Only temp glitch. Can think more and browse for some decent low cal food .


Oh how frustrating!! I do a variety of arm movements, arm raises, shoulder circling etc that may be possible even with wrist splints. (Check with health professional first please) it would be a shame to lose the impetus . . .

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Thanks . Don't intend to dwell on this . Not broken so give it a few weeks . Will focus on not comfort eating but with being off work it is tempting . However just eaten a peach instead of a biscuit . Must get out this afternoon even get my hair cut .

Doing4me2st 7lbs

Don’t forget how much healthier you are so stay positive hun :)

Over the wrist problem but now await surgery for Carpel tunnel but I am now 18 kg lighter so feel I can face everything and anything. Still at gym till day before surgery and will exercise at home afterwards. Weight loss gives me so much confidence. Don't feel judged anymore

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