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Looking at food in a different light


It’s amazing what a scare to your health does to your outlook. Since my gallbladder operation over a week ago I have had some sort of epiphany and wanted to share it.

I have been put off processed food massively. Not totally, I admit to a handful of Pringles and a magnum we still have in the house but my shopping habits have changed. This week my fridge is more full of healthy food than ever. It is FULL! Of veg, salad, fruit and meat. No cured meats, no cr*p. I have replaced bread, white pasta and rice with whole meal pitta, pasta and brown rice. I have bought lentils and discovered their versatility. A more expensive shop but our health is worth it.

The best thing is, my kids actually like it! 😮 They love the pittas more. They prefer the brown rice. I made them a Chicken, leek and mushroom pie. Not the most slimming meal (although no cream!) but I knew everything that went in it. I also made curried roast cauliflower. I expected the kids to push both the pie and cauli around their plates whinging for fishfingers. They BOTH asked for seconds! 🙌

I feel lighter, brighter although still on the road to recovery from my op. But I feel so inspired and hope it lasts. Replacing sausage, ham and bacon will be tough and I think sausages might win as they are a family favourite but we live next to the Northumberland Sausage Company farm and know they are from a good source and well made. As for the rest of the convenience food, we can’t eat it if it’s not there. 👍

Tomorrow we will gathering fresh French beans, beetroot, cucumber and tomatoes from the garden for salad.

I know it’s just a week but it makes me happy knowing I am healthier and most importantly my kids are healthier (still got to work on the hubby! 😂). Here is to a new start! 😁

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Sorry you had to have an op but it sounds like it has been worth it for more than the obvious reason. Hang on to that feeling.

At the moment I’m trying to change my eating habits and reading your post has inspired me. I love cooking so I’ve got no excuse. I am of an age where processed foods became the norm. Mums were more likely to go out to work than our own mums so needed quick and easy meals when we got home. I’m sure that’s why there are a lot of people of my generation who are overweight. Now we have no excuse as we have timesaving gadgets to help us in the kitchen. We just need to go back to basics and learn to cook from scratch again. I have just treated myself to an ‘instant pot’ (an up to date pressure cooker) so far it’s brilliant and I’m looking forward to cooler weather so that I can use it to cook healthy stews and soups. X

Nikabi7lbs in reply to Hidden

Glad it inspired you! I love soups and stews so use a slow cooker a lot. I have been making lighter, clear soups with lots of greens - at the moment they seem quite refreshing. 😊

Wishing you a full recovery from the surgery and a great determination to stick to your new eating plan..

Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

Nikabi7lbs in reply to Minniewinny

Thank you! 😁

My family love the hairy bikers chicken, leek and ham pie made with filo. Check it out! Wonderful post 😊

Nikabi7lbs in reply to MrsStop

I was watching hairy bikers in Majorca the other day. Lots of inspiration from a Mediterranean diet and they showed the benefits of adding almonds to your diet so they have been added into my breakfast routine.


Congratulations on managing to get your kids liking the change of food to more healthier options. I don't have kids but I can imagine how difficult it would be having to make 2 meals- one for the kids and one for you. Hope you have a good recovery from your operation


Thanks. The most difficult person is my husband! My kids know I expect them to try things at least once. He is more stubborn. Thankfully his love of traditional food means I can batch cook and freeze for him or adapt his meals. His only veg are carrots and peas... 🤦‍♀️

13ValerieHealthy BMI

Fabulous you

Doesn't it feel so good to look after your health?

Nikabi7lbs in reply to 13Valerie

Yep! Although I feel bad for neglecting my body for so long. 😬 Hopefully I can now repair some of the damage. 😊

sunny3692 stone

Wow, that's amazing, well done! I hope you continue to have a speedy recovery :) It's great to know exactly what goes in to you and your family's food and to set your children up for the future with healthy eating habits. Wonderful to feel lighter and brighter! :)

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