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I have finally got to grips with my weight reducing diet. After just 4 weeks, I have lost 13 and a half pounds! Annoyingly, just half a pound short of 1 stone, but still, real progress at last. I usually start losing my motivation after 3 or 4 weeks, but this result has really given me hope. One stone down, just 9 more to go!

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Newme551st 7lbs

That's an awesome result, well done you, you have obviously worked very hard to get such a great result.

Keep it up & you will reach your goal very soon

Hope you have another great week ahead.

missgemini7lbs in reply to Newme55

Thank you for your comment Newme55. It really helps.


Very well done missgemini 😊👏🎉. I shall update your badge but you are so very close to the one stone badge I shall get polishing ready for you

If you keep popping in and let me know when you get ther I shall update your badge 😊

missgemini7lbs in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thank you IndigoBlue61. Yes, I'm pretty certain that badge will be mine at next weigh in. Here's to the next stone! (I find it less daunting dealing with one stone at a time. It sounds much better than 9 stone).

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to missgemini

You’re doing a great job 😊👏🎉

What a great result , inspiration to us all.

Have a great week.


missgemini7lbs in reply to gman1961

Thank you for your kind comment gman1961. It really helps my motivation to have such positive feedback.

gman1961Host in reply to missgemini

Have a great week.


Great result. Im just starting out. Well done.

missgemini7lbs in reply to CatlinD

Hi CatlinD! You have made a very positive step joining HealthUnlocked. I am quite new on here myself. I don't know how big your mountain is to climb, but you have already started with your first step. I have another 9 stone plus to lose, but I find it is far less daunting if I concentrate on just one stone at a time. Welcome to HealthUnlocked and I wish you the very best of luck. Do let me know how you get on.

CatlinD in reply to missgemini

Well I do have 4 to five stone to lose so I will be around. Thanks for the reply as it really helps to hear about how you are getting on.


Well done missgemini What a fabulous start! You'll soon say goodbye to that pesky half pound and before you know it you'll be well into the next stone. This time is different, you've got us all rooting for you. As long as you keep going, you can only succeed.👍

missgemini7lbs in reply to Cressid

Thank you so much Cressid, for your very kind comments. You are right, it is different this time. Positive comments like yours only motivates me more. I am no longer alone with my negative self worth. I have purpose now and a whole bunch of new friends to share my ups and downs.

Hidden6lbs in reply to missgemini

umm, yes different this time

missgemimi . In the past I've joined S/W, W/W etc etc in the later years with no success, in fact the first 3 weeks I weighed when trying to lose weight for my own wedding I put on each week! What?????? I know crazy! This feels much more energised and positive, I like it, good luck! 🍀

liraelxoRestart Dec 2019

That's an amazing achievement, well done!

missgemini7lbs in reply to liraelxo

Thank you kitkatx. Yes, I am quite chuffed with how it is going and comments like yours are a big help.

UnfitNoMoreWorking at it

Way to go... very impressive results. You’ll get those next 9

missgemini7lbs in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you UnfitNoMore! I am sure not feeling so isolated helps, so many thanks for your kind comments.


Well done on a fab 4 weeks :) You will have that shiny 1 stone badge very soon! Mini goals are great to keep you focused along the way. We are all routing for you!

missgemini7lbs in reply to NoMoreJunk

Thank you so much, NoMoreJunk, knowing that really helps keep me motivated.

Wow, well done you must be very happy at your success and like you say it gives you the motivation to carry on. I'm sure that half pound will soon be gone and some more besides.

missgemini7lbs in reply to lazymoo

Thank you lazymoo. I really appreciate your comments.

becky33443 stone

Well done. How did you do it, how did it work for you? I'm just started to count my calories and do more exercise. I feel already my relationship with food is changing for the better.

Hi I am new here, well done. How did you lose your weight if you don’t mind sharing with me .

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