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Bloating, constipation and putting on weight!


I have been going off completly, with the hot weather I wasnt eating properly going for easy convenient like pasta salads, chips, sandwiches and couscous which played havoc on my digestive system and weight! After 3 days in pain, bloated , I decided to get myself together .I went shopping this morning, loads if fruits and veg, hummus and I hope to lose weight and feel better again! Anyone who can relate?

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Definitely. I have a wedding in three weeks which I am bridesmaid at and am concerned my dress won't fit, even though I have checked a few times recently. Well done on opting for the healthy stuff today though - particularly admirable on a Monday when we all feel a bit sluggish and grim!

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Hi and welcome, Green_Eyed_Owl :)

I'm sure you'll look gorgeous in your bridesmaid's dress and it will fit perfectly :)

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Wishing you all the best :)

I think you might have gluten intolerance, coeliac disease, IBS... so giving up gluten (bread, pasta, cake, sponge puddings etc.) would decrease your calorie intake and, probably, solve a gluten problem.

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Yes I have decided to stop all gluten from today and see how it goes. Its hard though as we eat loads of bread in my household.

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I would advise you to also avoid "gluten free". Manufacturers & retailers can claim that a food is "gluten free" if it passes the Coeliac Society's test... I am more intolerant to gluten free bread than I am to "real" bread.

A-b-c-d1 stone

Are you boozing too ? That is always a proper knee-breaker … nailing the lower legs to the floor !

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Love it 😍

henderslhWork in Progress

I can nanouche95 , some one at work suggested drinking less fizzy pop ( even sugar free) and that seems to be helping. Also as I had a tooth removed on Thursday I am supposed to try & avoid fizzy drinks even water for about a week.

I can’t eat too much chewy food so am probably missing out on fibre.

Hopefully when my mouth is healed I can address this.

UnfitNoMoreWorking at it

I can certainly relate. The last think I’ve wanted to do in the heat is turn the oven on or fire up a hob and spend time in bigger heat. Pretty sure I’ve put a couple of pounds on recently, and with an injured knee running it off isn’t an option for a week or two at least.

I’ve eaten salads at lunch a lot, no dressings, but in the evenings I’ve been eating a fair bit of junk. Time to get myself back on healthy eating. Well done on getting today’s healthy shopping, I shall follow suit.

Hidden9st 7lbs

I went a bit bread / pasta mad last week. I too am back on the veg this week!

A-b-c-d1 stone

Hi !

I've been on this programme before and lost 16 lbs. I put half back on again so now I've restarted. Today was meant to be day one … due to the hot weather I started by eating 4 ice creams. I don't think all is lost, though, since I ate healthy the rest of the day - crunchy salads with Hellman's Lighter Than Light mayo. Be careful of houmous - it's c. 600 calories a pot. I tried to lose some weight a number of years ago and made salad my main staple food. I didn't lose any weight because I was using salad creams and I didn't check the small print.

Definitely relate to this horrid constipation nanouche95 .

Been poorly for 13 months been like a pill 💊 popping machine 😕 cutting down on them now but left with a nasty weight around my middle as lost my mobility so badly for so long so just to let you kno WE can do it 👌 keep Positive Attitude and Goals to reach ...I religiously have High Fibre every morning tastes like cardboard 😷 so looking for some good tips on here as need a change BIG Time Goodluck 💫

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This post is 8 months old, Lisa, so you may not get the response you were hoping for, especially as it was the last time nanouche95 posted.

To help you, you may find this interesting

Ohhhh looks like I’ve been in a traffic jam for quite a while 🤨 I’m shocked about the fibre 😳 . Thankyou for opening my eyes to that ! I’ve Never been a diet”er until now and now I’m confused With all those technical words .. looks like I have some studying to do 🤔😓

Many Thanks My High Fibre cereal is going in the bin ! 🤭

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