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Body fat vs BMI


Hi all.

Hope everyones weight loss is going well and keep up the good work.

I was curious about what people tend to use as a go-to measurement of there current health and weight.

I understand most use the scales/weight for there measurement and still a great way of doing it. I personally use the scales along with body fat and ignore BMI. My personal reason for this is BMI doesn't take into account muscle mass but purely weight and height so can sometimes be miss leading.

I don't discount BMI it is a great tool for tracking associated risks with weight but for me doesn't really work.

What are others perferred tools of accessment?

Have a great day all, no matter what you use keep up the good work. :)

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I used the BMI as a guideline, as it's intended, but used scales and a tape measure for my journey, then my eyes and the way I felt, to know when I was at the right place for me :)


BMI should only be used as a guide.. muscle mass and bone density aren't taken into consideration when using it.

Scales and a measuring tape are a great way, also if you can learn how to use calipers and work out the calculations from then you can get an good idea about body fat.

Using a tape measure is my favourite option, weighing yourself if you workout often can be a bit misleading because your muscle will get heavier even if you are losing fat and can confuse a person into thinking that they are gaining weight for the wrong reasons.

Hi Dantegaland. I am primarily using scales but the tape measure and looking is the most consistent way for me. My work trousers are my gauge, they are elasticated at the back but I can tell when they're loose or when I've popped buttons *whoops*... And there are bonus features like more visible calf muscles on shins. I don't really look at bmi values.

I use the scales as a guide but I have different sizes of clothes and use them more.

DartmoorDumplingSuper Trier

I have always totally ignored the BMI as my build is heavy boned, broad waisted and according to my BMI, as I am in my 60’s I should be diabetic (I am not), suffering with heart disease (I am not) and feeling very unfit, which I am not! I am still a stone above what I feel is my ideal weight, (from past experience) and trying to eat healthily and keep active to lose this final stone, but I am not going to let figures designed around “Mrs Average” bother me.


I agree with the others, my BMI is still 27/28 but I am smaller, fitter and healthier than I have been in 30 years 😊. I could quite easily weigh two stone less and still be within what is ‘normal’ for my height and build but I’ve never been that weight since I was about 6!! Lol 🤣 It’s about how you feel, what you eat and how much you can move, as well as dress size

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