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I have lost my first stone

Pict123Restart Feb 2020

Hi, I have lost 1 stone. I need to lose 9 more stone to be healthy. Is there anyone else out there with a lot of weight to lose? I have hypothyroidism and it makes me prone to weight gain. I am also on medication, which I need, however the main side effect is to feel hungry all the time.

I am trying out salads with beans and lentils instead of the massive amount of sugar and carbs I usually eat.

My dietician has given me some really good pointers to help me control my weight. I have tried weight loss pills in the past prescribed by my GP unfortunately they didn't work for me. I tried going to the gym which I didn't stick at. I will try again when I have lost some more weight. The gym showed me just how unfit I am. So I don't just need to lose weight I also need to become fitter. I can now say that I am 19 stone instead of the 20 stone I was last month. So I guess I am moving in the right direction even if it is slowly. Although I have been a member of health unlocked for months I have never worked out how to get the most from the site. Anyone else in the same boat? I consider myself a newbie as I have barely used the site and I have only just started to take weight loss seriously enough to make lifestyle changes.

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Well done for losing a stone! That’s a huge accomplishment, I also have 20kg to lose to reach my goal weight . Don’t know what that is in stones. Continue in your journey & you will lose more hopefully


Congratulations on loosing that stone I will tag Minniewinny who is the administrator ion the Whats Happening post and she will give you a new 1 stone badge to go next to your name. I have not been to the gym to loose weight, I use walking as my form of exercise making sure I felt warm and slightly breathless whilst I was walking- so walked as fast as I could go rather than have an amble which won't really do anything exercise wise.

Hi. I weighed about the same as you a couple of years ago and then started eating healthily and going to gym once a week. I lost 5 stone in 17 months. Now it’s just a way of life to eat well and although my gym attendance is erratic, I am doing c25k and try to go for long walks at the weekend. Losing weight is 95% what u eat - I have a sendentary job and lost all the weight thru eating well. Take one day at a time and chuck out ( and don’t buy) any of the bad stuff and you will manage it! One stone down already! Well done.

Pict123Restart Feb 2020 in reply to notoldandpastityet

Hi, Thanks for replying, At what weight did you fell able to attend the gym?


That is a great achievement Pict. Please can I encourage you to take part in the Friday Weigh in, can be found in events :)

Keep coming on to the forum and join in with us, we have some challenges that will encourage you to keep moving and bring a little exercise into your life. You only need to walk, no need to go to a gym at all if you don't want to. There are plenty of exercises you can do on Youtube in your own home at your pace. Doesn't matter if you can't keep up to start with.

I hope to see you at the Weigh in - open until 10pm tonight.

I am going to give you a stone badge in recognition of your efforts :)

Pict123Restart Feb 2020 in reply to lucigret

Thank you for the badge , it is nice to have the milestone recognised.

lucigretAdministrator in reply to Pict123

You are very welcome :)

Congratulations - it's a great milestone. I was really unfit and used mail boxes to get myself walking. 1/4 mile home to one at the end of the road (half a mile there and back after work every day before I went in the house). The first time I was out of breath and struggling but I just kept doing it. In 2 weeks I was not out of breath and added the next mailbox - before I knew it I was walking up a hill and doing 2 miles! Now I don't measure the mail boxes but walk everyday. No special kit required, no one making you feel out of place or unfit. You can do it 😀

LoopyKate7st 7lbs

First off congratutulations. That is a huge achievement and you should be proud. Welcome to the group. You will find lots of support and help here. Just stick with it and us, I am sure you will get there.

I was 20 stone when I started a couple of weeks back. I am just under 19 1/2, though who knows as I have weigh in later! So I have almost an identical amount to lose as you. I was in a bad accident which has me on pain pills and steriods which the later was recently upped so I know how the whole hungry thing goes. Also means for several months I can not exercise, so like you I am not going to the gym but most of it can be accomplished through a good diet. I have some tips that helped me.

When you are hungry try drinking water. Not just a couple of sips but just loads of it. Then wait a couple of minutes. Are you still hungry? I also love sweets. I tried sugar free gum but it was too minty. However extra also make strawberry flavour and bubblemint sugar free. I can chew that to my hearts content and still feel like I am eating sweets. Good luck and once again well done on your weight loss.

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