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Which one not sure

I’m a novice at this calorie reading

So I need help please

On some packages it states KJ which is useably low then Kcal which is useably high so when I encounter these which one should I be taking away from my daily allowance

And also what’s all the other stuff Fat,

Saturates, Sugars and Salt ??

My friend said it goes on colour any thing Reds not good for you so is there any other colours of the above like what colours good for you thanks in advance

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Hello Fattoad,

You are looking for the Kcals, these are the ones that you should take away from your daily allowance.

The other 'stuff' is just telling you what the product is made up of and has been taken into account in the calories.

When looking at the Calories make sure that if it says per 100g, you work out how many grams you have had and work out accordingly. Sometimes it says per portion.

I am going to give you a link to explain the colour coding on goods.


I hope this helps :)

Edit - sorry sent you the wrong link - so have deleted and sent the right one :)


... and some of the sneakier ones are when it says the Kcals are for 1/2 a portion or some other random measurement :( :)

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very true - packaging needs careful reading 👀 and sometimes the writing is soooo small you need a magnifying glass lol.

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Thanks for link and info just what I wanted perfeeeeeeect

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