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Need to rant!

Today had yogurt instead of cereal! Pear saved calories my care worker went to get a salad box

But came back with my husband with pot fruit! With STRAWBERRIES on!! I had run out of pears! Which I was thinking maybe go get fruit maybe not because husband and care worker already been out. While I get dressed for today! They go and get me a salad box cause care worker has 1 every day too! But I had Strawberry off care worker as she happily said do you want 1. Then asked care worker what do you look for when you want to lose weight nicely but said cause just want to ! Oh that’s the best reply you can say that Upset me a bit very helpful! So halfway through the afternoon said yer that’s why it is easy for me cause I am addicted to chocolate so don’t eat junk! I asked do you eat junk on your cheat day?which she had last Friday no! She said. Oh that’s really helpful! Sounding like that! So late afternoon I ate a chocolate cup cake husband made! Care worker said are you doing calories for your tea? Oh erm no just fijita wraps! But felt I have did stick it out from Monday! I was eating crisps my husband brought in which he gave to me. Care worker says for 1st time what you to like! To me what u like! Was happy on way home as my husband said she can go early! Everything done! Now REALLY I felt she was happier with ME! but wasn’t looking down or disappointed! Well thought that spurred me on to start again tomorrow Friday as I have had salad box before on Saturday 2x bought cause our care worker goes at 3 weekends 11-3 help! Any ideas?

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Rant done, enjoy your salad tomorrow.. ready for your next weigh in 😊

Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉


Thank you

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There is a Recipes section under Topics which may give you some ideas. Or you might to look at the Daily Diary and see the sorts of meals other people are planning.




It's always good to have a rant. Enjoy your salad box. Plain strawberries can be nice and healthy too


Thanks I do like strawberries!


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