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Hello all you happy healthy eaters once again, hope you have had a lovely weekend. I had a really super one, country drive and overnight stay in the hotel with lakes and wild[-life views from the windows, birds and swans and ducks ect., a visit to the old tile works, which proved so interesting and above all good company and a laugh. Sadly I gained 2lb last week and today another 3lb, I'm so upset that after all my hard work and losing 6st 2lb over the last year or so, the minute I relax the weight will swiftly return, so it really is back to my 1500 cals a day regime before any more weight creeps on. I deff is a lifetime of healthy eating, just goes to show, doesn't it??

So chuffed with all the wealth of advice help and cheerfulness of all you lovely folk out there, many many thanks, I could not have done it without you xx

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You're quite right lathe, it is just a little blip. You had a super weekend and now you're all ready to tighten the reins again :)

Why not log onto today's weigh-in, for extra support and encouragement? :)

Don't forget



That's great you had a great weekend. Do not worry about the gain you had a great weekend and that is it. And your back in control now. It will not take long to come off.

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