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disaster strikes

So iIve had a terrible 3 weeks food wise... not got back on track this whole month.. so it's back to week 1 from Sunday and I will start again and get it right this time. Disappointed with myself for undoing all my hard work. I'd lost a stone and have put 7lb back on in these 3 weeks (it's so easy to undo the good). But I am still less than I was at the start of the year. So I'm going to enjoy my wine tonight and my night out tomorrow and then get back on it.

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It can be hard at times to stay on track MissXenetia, try not to be too hard on yourself. Just draw a line under the last 3 weeks and start again. We all have those moment when it all goes to pot but as long as we get back on the wagon then we are still winning. Have a great time out on Saturday night and good luck with your new start on Sunday. :)


We all struggle at times to stay on track MissXenetia, enjoy your weekend and start again on Monday. As you say you are still lighter than you were. You will loose that 7lbs quickly once you are on track again I am sure.

Wishing you good luck :)

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You're trying to change years of ingrained behaviour and like anything, it's unlikely that it will be done all in one go.

Are you using the NHS calorie range?

The good thing is, you're drawing a line under the last 3 weeks and getting back on the wagon. As long as you keep doing that, you will reach your goal.

Best of luck!

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Good for you .

Good luck



Good luck with a new start next week.

The trouble with most weightloss journeys is that we tend to think we "should be good all the time". Then when we slip up, we often give up !

One tip is, know your maintenance calorie level as well ... then on those hungry days when your weightloss calorie quota just isn't enough, eat up to your maintenance level for a day or two. Then go back to reduced calories again when you're ready. It's a sort of intermittent fasting idea but less formal.


As my teenager would say ... “dig deep”. Everything you need is within you. If you have done it once you can do it again.


All is not lost MissXenetia ! I went on holiday for 2 weeks and came back a stone heavier, but bu getting straight back on it, I have managed to lose 10lbs!

Weight that is gained in a short space of time won't be "real" weight and you will soon be able to lose it again.....


You have made the decision to put off "getting back on board" until Sunday, which is a whole 48 hours more of eating "off piste", so you will continue to add to the problem!

Life will always get in the way, especially if you have an active social life that involves eating and drinking. Alcohol will lead to the munchies, so you are likely to be eating things that you don't really want or need as your resistance will be lowered.

If you want to succeed in weight loss, something has to change!

I am just offering this advice from my 6 years of experience - I hope you don't take it the wrong way, but I have had to totally alter all sorts of things to enable me to succeed....

It's all down to how much you want to lose weight really! :D


Hi, I am new to this posting thing so don't know if I'm doing it right. I can so sympathise with you on going of the rails with the diet. I am following Weight Watchers programme. I am at goal but would so like to be at least a half a stone less than I am now. I was on a good streak a couple of weeks ago but for the last 2 weeks have gone completely haywire, I can't stop eating chocolate and sometimes cakes. I have put on about a pound and a half. I am not going back to the meeting now until the week after Easter. At that point I will draw a line under all the bad habits and start to track my eating again and count my points.. It is all in the mind and it takes so little to make me go off track. We know what we should be eating but...... so little self control and will power. I will be interested to see how you get on. Good luck. x


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