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I’m back!

Hi all,

After a very long unintentional hiatus I am back!

Back to loosing weight and doing all of the things that I want to accomplish in life. I’ve made a list and my intention is to keep working towards each part of the list a little bit every day.

So far today I have played the guitar (twinkle twinkle and we three Kings. I’m starting slow) which goes towards my “learn to play an instrument” goal. I’ve done 20 minutes of exercise and I’ve had a beautiful lunch of jacket potato, chicken and rocket! (I can’t tell you how excited I was or how tasty it was)

Right now I’m feel good and working on one of my essays for university (mature students rock!)

Happy to be back in the community again!

Much love,

MrsEWM xx

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Hello and a very warm welcome back 😀

Are you joining in with any of the events? If you’re unsure how to find your way around just read the Welcome Newbies post again


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Thanks very much Anna. I will be joining in with a weekly weigh in. I used to do the Mondays so I might hop back in there next week.


You’re very welcome 😀


Welcome back Emily,

Glad you're feeling boyant.

It was probably said before but try to use the forum regularly, even more so when things aren't going to plan.

Best of luck with your list, sounds like fun.


Welcome back. I love this community. So supportive.


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