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Ye Mighty Lenten Challenge - Catch Up

So I haven't posted a link to the Challenge for a couple of days although the Challenge has been continuing. No-one has commented though, so I am guessing you are either all subscribed, or all the participants are from other groups. Imma give you the benefit of the doubt and go for option 1.

anyway for those of you who have missed the last 3 days, here you are... Binge and Purge:


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I'm still here and going with it Rignold, not always perfectly, but I'm slowly, slowly getting better, this has been a lenten inspiration, so thank you.


Hi Rignold,

I must admit I have lapsed. But, having the Challenge in the back of my mind, inspires me to try to do my Strength exercises - which I occasionally manage to do, so I think it does help. Thank you!

Zest :-)


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