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I was so keen to start on healthy eating program ,what's happened is i can't judge potions when cooking for more than myself , why do I always feel hungry in the evenings all that seems to satisfy is all the wrong foods and lots of it . 😪 How can I have a lifestyle change , my brain is tired of trying , but I do want to lose weight so much ,

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Have a look on the daily diary - there are loads of ideas there - I have picked up some great tips and food ideas

Wishing you all the best :)


When cooking, Minnie, weigh the ingredients, work out the calories, then divide by the number of portions.

Check that you're eating the correct amount, by revisiting the NHS BMI calculator and start near the top end of your allowance, so that you're not hungry.

Include natural fats in your diet, as they will be more satiating, so full fat dairy, including cream, butter, oily fish, avocado, nuts olive, oil, cheese, etc.

The more processed and low GI foods you eat, the hungrier you'll feel and then you get into a spiral.

Try to take one step at a time, so that you don't feel overwhelmed. If your eating is better than it was, the chances are that you'll lose weight anyway :)

Don't forget


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Hi Minnie, I've found the calorie counting does get easier - I have a notebook with the calories in foods I use most often, but then I am very low tech ;) , others use various apps. It's not wise to guess at this early stage, weighing and counting is the only way.

Good luck :)


Great idea that way suits me thanks marymannc

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Thanks for given me advice , it all makes sense ,I think I couldn't see the wood for the trees , I'll start again , I will write down as suggested my most used food , so it's there at a glacé , 🤗 Everyone enjoy your day xx


I know just how you feel. I am struggling on 1st week. Good Lyck😊


I've counted all calories today down to oxo ,and milk and I've used1372 , I ever relized how many bits and pieces go into meals , silly thing is in my head I've over eating ,but I haven't .

Fight your corner rhea


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