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Back again

I haven't posted for a long time as I've had a very difficult year since my last post. However things are improving so I decided to try to get back on track. I tried slimming world a few months ago but was not successful so gave up. My mum then passed away at the end of October so been feeling down understandably. My fiance decided I needed a break so we went away before Xmas which was lovely but I put on a lot more weight! 4 weeks ago I decided to try again so been following the slimming world diet ( had a few treats) and I'm pleased to say I've lost 5lbs!! I already feel so much better about myself. I can't do any exercise as yet as having chiropractic treatment on my back but pleased with my success so far 😀

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That's a good weight loss to get you going innringer . Sounds like you're getting on track after a difficult few months. Wishing your further success :)


Welcome back, innringer :)

I'm so sorry to hear about your mum, please accept my sincere condolences for your very sad loss.

Well done though, for managing to get back on track and lose 5lbs. It's all downhill from here on :)

Please take the time to read this carefully, as your post can be read by the entire www



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