Hi everyone,

I’ve been border line overweight since I left University but have been bouncing between 11 and 12 stone in the past couple of years, mostly at the heavier end. Currently at 11 stone 6 and to be in the healthy BMI range and need to lose 10 pounds, so that’s my key aim. Looking for encouragement and inspiration to keep going! I’ve done the first five weeks and have lost about 6 pounds but have flatlined a bit...


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Hi Health_wealth_ and welcome to the weight loss forum.

You are doing great with losing 6lbs so far, well done. :)

We have put together a Newbie pack with all the information you will need to find your way around the forum and to get you started. Spend a few minutes to read through all the information as it is important to help you enjoy the best things the forum as on offer. The link is below:

In the interest of internet safety, we ask that you always lock your posts, by clicking on 'only followers in my community', before posting.

Good luck with your first week. :)


I am in exactly the same boat hovering between 11 and12 stone and needing to lose 10lbs.I have tried WW,s and slimming world - always get to 11st2lbs and stay there. On both those plans you can eat too much "free food" I have been advised that the only way forward is to cut calories by 6oo daily. Very hard and I am also type 2 diabetic


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