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Lost a pound 😃

So at the end of week 6 and a loss so far of 7lbs.

Happy ish with this though of course wish it was more. Have had a couple of blips this week with biscuits at work and they are right behind my desk !

Will try extra hard this week 😍 But what about pancake day and all the lovely ' dine in meals ' for valentines . Help !!

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Well done for your half stone down.

Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

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Well done Rachel, that's over a pound a week which is great going. That is the equivalent in weight of over 3 bags of sugar that you'll never have to carry around with you again and you've achieved it in only 6 weeks.

As for pancake and valentine's day, it will boil down to your portion control. A pancake could be considered to be 70 cals, so after that it depends what toppings you have on them and how much of it.

If you're going out to eat, does the restaurant post the menu online. Pre-choosing what you're going to have means you know how many calories each of your choices is likely to be and puts you in more control of the situation.


Rachel19660 well done that's a fantastic result! As Tigerr says portion control will be your key... (and mine, so I'm now considering the toppings!) I'm maybe out for lunch tomorrow and have checked their menu so thinking maybe soup ??? is my best option! Or maybe I'll see if there's a good tasty salad option on when I get there! Of course if it's snowing here in the morning I'll have a fridge raid instead, lol! :)


Have you tried Banana Pancakes Rachel19660 ? I love them and thats what I am having tomorrow. Whisk 1 banana and 2 eggs until they are frothy. I use a serving spoon to measure out the right amount for each small pancake. The mixture makes 8 scotch pancake sized pancakes. I stack them on top of each other then top with sugar free maple syrup and fruit. They are lovely. Also have them occasionally throughout the year for breakfast with greek yogurt


You are doing great, fabulous.

Don't compare with others. Your path is your path. It is unique for you.

Be proud. Be moving.

Once a while you can have a few bits of different food / snacks. Enjoy that guilt free.

Have fun, don't give up. Stay on track despite minor diversions or deviations. It is part of life.

Health is a liflong project. Keep at it!!

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got to live Rachel. leave off the cream and the syrup(that's how I do it) keep trying


Cream has nutrients that are of benefit to us, whereas flour is fortified to mask it is empty calories; definitely not essential to life.


That is great 7lbs down better than 7lbs up. Keep up the good work!!!!



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