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Evolve calorie tracker review

I have mentioned the Evolve tracking app a few times recently since I started using it, as I have found it has revolutionised calorie counting for me. I have written a full review of it here:


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I have just read your review and thought I would download BUT ....it is only available on IOS devices - Iphone, Ipad etc :(

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I have also just discovered it only available on IOS devices and am gutted!

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Looks like a good app, I may download it when my iPhone has charged. I do have time to log everything on MFP and do so religiously, even the exercise which I find quite amusing. They downgrade walking with a dog as if everyone is walking a fifteen year old arthritic instead of as you often see someone being dragged along at a cracking speed. Active 10'is a bit the same, gave me no credit the other day for " brisk walk" although I was actually going up a 1 in 5 hill and was gasping at the top with my heart having a really good workout!!! I loved your review, I could picture the bloodshed with the Alexa and the playlist. Keep doing what you are doing.


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