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Brilliant diet

Hi, I am really pleased with this diet. I started on 1 January after gaining 7lbs over Christmas. My BMi I was in the obese unhealthy weight. I could not fit into my size 14 clothes and I was fed up 😩. We ate mostly healthy foods but on Friday nights we enjoyed wine, cheese crackers and olives. Unfortunately, dieting all week would be a waste of time, because I over ate on Fridays and never lost any weight. I was beginning to think I would never lose weight.

On New Year's Eve I decided to diet using this diet. I stick to 1300 calories , eat smaller portions and eat much more fruit and vegetables. I allow myself one sweet snack per day at lunch time. I do not eat anything after my evening meal which is at 6.00pm. I also walk 2 miles most afternoons and use my hoola hoop for 300 spins. I have lost 2 inches off my waist and I have lost 12lb in 6 weeks and I am delighted.

I wish to lose 2 stones so I am almost half way there. I keep looking in my wardrobe at my lovely summer dresses which I found uncomfortable last year. This summer I am determined I will enjoy wearing them.

Good luck everyone😃😃😃

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Hi Erika2016 and welcome to the weight loss forum.

You are doing so brilliant 12lbs and 2 inches off your waist in 6 weeks is fantastic going, well done. :)

We have put together a Newbie pack with all the information you will need to find your way around the forum and to get you started. Spend a few minutes to read through all the information as it is important to help you enjoy the best things the forum as on offer. The link is below:


In the interest of internet safety, we ask that you always lock your posts, by clicking on 'only followers in my community', before posting.


Good luck with your first week. :)


That’s brilliant Erika2016 what a brilliant start! 👍


How fabulous! Can't wait to hear your progress 😊


Hello and welcome Erika 😀


Great progress . Glad you've found a new way of adjusting your eating.

But dont be tempted to eat too low too soon. Unless you are very petite (and/or quite elderly), 1300 is quite low for an active person - it may reduce your BMR/ basic metabolic rate a bit too much , which will be hard to maintain in the longterm.

Use the BMI Checker to see the recommended calorie range for your age/height. A slower, smaller rate of loss is far more likely to give your body time to adjust slowly and is more likely not to regain weight in the longterm .

Good luck it looks like you're on track for a lovely summer!


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