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Hi everyone hope you are all well .. I'm looking for advice on any biscuits I could eat I'm really struggling with this . Thank ou

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DartmoorDumplingSuper Trier

If you can stop at one - any biscuit so long as you count it! The danger is it is too tempting to go back for more. Individually wrapped snacks might stop you from going for a 2nd one.

I quite like a chocolate rice cake mid afternoon with my coffee; you feel you have had a treat without too many calories.

Another option is to have a few mixed seeds and dried fruit - take just a handful to nibble on, but remember to count them too.

Mcvities chocolate thins are, well, thin but taste lovely and just like a skinny chocolate digestive. One is 31 calories.

YellowRose554st 7lbs

If I want a biscuit I have the Go ahead range which are 176 calories for the fruit ones or 146 for the Yogurt covered ones. I don't have them every day but just as a treat every now and then.


I agree with the others, any biscuit is ‘allowed’ as long as the calorie are counted. but i find if I have one I want more . . . If you can bear to go ‘cold turkey’ and stop all sweet things the cravings will pass.

Thank you I only have 2 a day but trying to get down to 1


I find it easier to have none. If I have one, it sets off sugar cravings which I find so hard to resist. ☹️


I sometimes buy a bag of mini oaty biscuits - M&S or Waitrose - they’re very low in calories so great if you really can eat just one or two with your cuppa 😊

Sainsbury’s do snack packs of mini chocolate rice cakes which are delicious! 130 calories a bag.

Have you tried making your own banana and oat cookies? They are reealky easy to make and are easy to vary with nuts or chocolate chips. I find them quite filling. Good luck 😊

mistymtnhop333Restart July 2020 in reply to Veggie_Tam

Yes this is what I do! Banana, oats, and dark chocolate and/or cocoa powder. Easy, quick, full of fibre, not a high sugar content, and about 80 cals each depending on how big you make them :).


Portion control is the answer . When I started my weightloss journey I'd have a two-finger Kit Kat to satisfy my sweet tooth. I'd have one most nights after dinner and ALWAYS counted in the calories. From memory I think about 110 cals ??

But I can honestly say I haven't eaten one now for about two years, my tastebuds changed and I really don't like the milk choc taste anymore . If I really fancy a sweet treat I much prefer very dark plain chocolate.

jao77Maintainer in reply to elliebath

Wish I could make the move from milk to dark chocolate, afraid I’m still battling a bit of a sweet tooth.......Kitkat is one of my favourites, as you say, the 2-finger bar is just over the 100 calorie mark.

I, too, think that it easier to have none. Another suggestion is to buy biscuits that are not your favourites - maybe even bordering on something that you don’t really like. That way you can eat one or two if you feel like sugar but you won’t crave more.

elliebathMaintainer in reply to Hildegard88

That's a good idea. My least favoirite would be fig rolls . My great aunty used to buy them and it was such a disappointment to this little girl who wanted iced gems or chocolate fingers. To this day I still can't stand fig rolls!

jao77Maintainer in reply to elliebath

You’re taking me down memory lane elliebath - fig rolls yuk, but iced gems 😀😀 (and now they do choc gems!) Plain rich tea fingers bland, but when you’re counting calories it can help 😊

elliebathMaintainer in reply to jao77

Yes Rich Tea fingers would do the trick , although if you're a dunker you have to be very quick!

How do I make the banana oats?

Veggie_Tam10 kg in reply to Vonny666

Banana oat cookies are really easy to make. Pre heat oven to 200oc. In a bowl, mash a banana with a fork, add approximately 200ml of oats (bigger oats than porridge oats if you have it). Mix well, the “dough” should be quite sticky. Divide 12 cookies and place on oven tray, bake approximately 10-15minutes, eat 😊

You can add chocolate chips, chopped nuts, cinnamon, ginger, coconut or any other flavouring you fancy.

Good luck!

2everett in reply to Veggie_Tam

Sounds great. I’ll definitely be cooking those.

Thank you so much.

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