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High Maintenance

Looking forward to seeing advice and suggestions to help me Maintain. This as we all know the hardest part, however if I still continue to loose weight instead I will have to look at loosing no more than 1/2 tone. As a 5 foot 11 1/2 inches 70 year old and shrinking there must be an optimum weight. Oh I know a BMI of 25 but I will happily take the 26.5 for now.

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When you are ready to maintain just add back some natural fat. In that way it will substitute like-for-like the body-fat you've been burning.

Many people add back foods that trigger their appetite, or increase their portions sizes attempting to keep the same intake ratio as they had to lose the weight, but that skews things because they aren't allowing for the fat they were burning and are effectively changing the ratio.

Just add some nuts, or pesto, or guacamole, or a butter sauce... If you've been eating/drinking reduced fat versions such as (semi-) skimmed milk, welcome back to real food that is healthier for us; eat the fat on the meat.


Have a look at the maintainers club post in the pinned posts section along with the advice you will be given on here.. you will do well..

Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

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