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Two new apps

Hi all I’ve found 2 new apps that I’m finding really helpful

Change4 life food scanner

Easy meals.

Checking on what to eat (as I’m vegetarian and my family are meat eaters) I’m finding easier than plowing through my recipe books and online. This is why I’m not getting a varied diet and getting bored 😐 so therefore dipping into the biscuit tin. And making cakes. I’m going to make A low fat carrot cake when my Grandaughter comes up half term with my 5year old great Grandaughter. She loves cooking with her nanny rose.

Sorry for the rambling have a good day all

Roseann75 x

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I use the Chamge4 life website too. Have you seen our Recipe collection? In Topics on the Home screen 😊


No I haven’t Anna61 but I will check it out. Thankyou

Roseann75 x


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