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Almond milk with coconut


Good morning,

I've just had my breakfast consisting of 2 weetabix, a few raspberries and blueberries with almond and coconut milk. In my mind, a very healthy start to the day. Or is it? I was having BOB milk but it was sold out, so thought I'd try almond milk. It has added coconut milk which I love. Anyway, it tastes lovely. A lot lighter than cow's milk and no aftertaste.

The first pic is BOB, 2nd the almond and coconut milk.


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It depends on what you like and how many calories/fat and carbohydrates you are counting Chelle97

The coconut and almond milk has less carbohydrates, but more fat. But if your eating it with weetabix then I guess carbs aren’t an issue for you?

In my opinion, there are not good or bad foods. It’s all about balance 😊

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