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Feeling a bit Bleaughh!

Still on my post operative rehab, and it's kinda getting me down. In theory spending dreary old January snuggled up at home resting sounds good but after a few weeks the novelty has worn off! I tried going for a slightly longer walk yesterday, made it to Costa coffee, so I was glad to sit there with my knitting and a latte. (Yes I know how many calories they have!) Then looked in a few shops and came home. Had some twinges and aching in my belly later that night so I don't know, maybe I overdid it. According to my Active 10 app I did 36 minutes of waking in total.

Sleep patterns all over the place too, but I am trying to get up at a reasonable time and not sleep half the day away.

Sorry for the winge, just need to get it off my chest!

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This is all normal Ruby8 tiredness and lethargy are definite side effects of the surgery. 😕

Have you seen the forum on HU healthunlocked.com/hysterec...

Also an American one called Hyster Sisters

Take it slow and steady, it will take several months to fully recover so please try to be patient 😊


Thanks IndigoBlue61 , I am resting again today. I will do my best to be patient! I might start going out for little bus rides just to get out. The bus stop isn't too far away!


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