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Tuesday weigh in but can't post to that group?

Still getting to grips with how this site works so posting my first Tuesday weigh in loss here and hoping someone can advise? The Tues weigh in group for last week seems to have closed. Does a new group open each week? Thanks. Anyway I have lost 4lb as well as 1 inch off my hips and 3 inches off my waist!! I did this by cutting out crisps and sugar and virtually cutting out bread and cheese. I was on 3-4 packets of crisps a day and a half a loaf of bread, but am now eating at least 6 portions of fruit a day and crackers. Hoping for more loss next week!! Thanks to everyone who posts here for inspiring me to keep going x

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Have a look at the FAQ's, Larumbera, I'm sure they'll help :)



Yes, a new one opens each week. Have you found it yet Larumbera ?

You've had an first excellent week!


Hi. No-i can't work out how to search using my mobile to access the website....

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Do you keep the same name from week to week?


Yes, you keep the same name. Go to Home and look for Events (on right side or bottom of page). You'll find it there :)


If you can’t access the full website then go to the newsfeed and scroll down the posts until you find it, the weigh-in is usually quite high up Larumbera 😊


I have just found it (Wednesday) but I see that you can only post on Tuesday and then it closes so I've missed it this week!


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