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Alcohol and weight loss


I know that reducing alcohol can have a great effect on your weight loss and your liver :-)

But since Christmas I am struggling to cut down....any tips mcuh appreciated

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There are a number of people here, that struggle with their alcohol consumption, Sue. You could always start a dry January thread and see if anybody would like to join you in giving up alcohol for the month. Doing it together, might make it easier for you all :)

wellington6Restart Nov 2019

True but be gentle with yourself, take it steady and it will happen.

Some people find it easier to cut it out altogether, others manage okay with moderation. My first tip would be to work out whether you will find it easier with nothing in the house - if so give away that leftover Christmas drink, or box it up somewhere high and inconvenient. I am somewhere between, as I can moderate my drinking if I only have cider and beer in the house. But wine is lethal. I get the mini bottles instead, or only have it at special occasions when other people can share a bottle with me.

For me, moderation has worked through knowing, for example, that a half pint of cider is 100 cals, and a mini bottle of red wine is about 150cals. I have also introduced a lot of non-alcoholic alternatives - alcohol free beer, tonic water with a slice of lime, kombucha, tomato juice with worcestershire sauce.

I also now try to have a regular late afternoon snack, as I realised my evening alcohol craving was a kind of sugar craving (alcohol turns to sugar in the body).

I hope that helps get you started :)

At the moment I find myself reaching for the red wine in the evening, I am trying to cut this down - I did managed to before Christmas.

Currently I am having just one medium sized glass (if I have another I tell myself I can’t have one the next day). I will try to reduce this by the end of the month to one bottle of red wine a week and once that’s gone not open another.

I’m ok once I get to that point as I like my wine 😅😬🤗😁

Hi Sue. I decided that instead of reducing I’ve cut it out completely. I’m now on Day 10. There is lots of blogs, videos and articles out there to help. Just google cutting out alcohol and getting healthy.

I find that much better than reducing, it takes the thinking out of it. most restaurants do no alcohol cocktails so you don’t have to drink pop drinks.

Good luck

Look at the Drinkaware website. That might help.


Hi Ruth395,

I have over the last few months got into the habit of drink a few glasses of red wine every night and before realising it I have drunk the bottle on many occasions. On a weekend I have probably consumed more due to not having to get up for work. Albeit I don't suffer from hangovers because I think your body gets used to the alcohol intake.

I have decided to for the first time do dry January and I have completely stopped my alcohol intake. I have replaced this with a drink of decaf coffee and 2 ginger biscuit's on an evening about 8pm. I know this isn't ideal but it has helped me greatly, plus its less calories. I do believe it is something to do with my alcohol craving as Ruth mentioned below, so I had replaced it with the above.

It is hard the first couple of days to break out of the habit and you will need to find which way is best for you. Stopping in moderation or cutting it out completely.

I do currently have wine in the house but so far I have had no desire to go and open one. The test for me will be Friday night after I have finished work and the weekend.

Hopefully we can help each other :-)

I’m in the same boat, always fall back into bad habits with red wine when I get tired or stressed and can very often polish off a bottle. I’ve downloaded the NHS ‘days off’ app and have committed to four days off a week - it sends a reminder at whatever point you chose to remind you not to open that bottle on your chosen days off! This helped me the last time I tried to cut down.

I also find it helped if you can replace it with something. Either something else to consume that you enjoy, or do something different. I know if I ever shift my arse to the gym the last thing I want to do when I come back knackered and ready to drink all the water is have a glass of red. Although I haven’t done that this time - just drinking pints of tea. 😁

Hi BadlyDrawnBadger.....yes wine is my downfall and I also then get the munchies, don't think cutting it out is an option for me but will definitely try to cut down and see how it goes....

I understand suew, I had to quit due to medical reasons (my husband's) so I know how hard it is. the only thing I can tell you is that it is like smoking, there is really not much good in slowing down, just stopping. I know that is not what you wanted to hear, neither did I but I quit drinking after over 30 years of drinking so I know if I can so can you! I will be here to help if you need it, if you get frustrated or whatever, just message me and I will try to help. good luck doll, I feel your pain.

wellington6Restart Nov 2019

Hi suew395

I know I replied the other day. How are you getting on cause I am not! I can’t just have one. I’ve been thinking about nothing Mon to Thursday and drinking Friday, Saturday, Sunday . Would youlike to join me? Lets see if it makes a difference. Let me know.. cheers

Sorry for the delay.....not getting on great either...Yes let's do this together and yes Mon to Thurs sounds a good plan to have nothing as working for me just Friday and Sat would be better and going to try and limit it.....what's your tipple?

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