Loving the plan.....

2 days in....delicious food....feeling satisfied....I have weighed myself...measured my waist.....took a photo of myself in my underwear to compare in 12 weeks!!! Ooooooh.....booked myself onto a Fitsteps class....early days but all's good :-)


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25 Replies

  • Sounds like your off to a great start Primrose68. Hope you enjoy your steps class.

    Have a good week. :)

  • Thank you ☺

  • Sticking to the 12 week plan and becoming part of the forum family.. you will love the results!

    Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

  • Yay x

  • Well done. Good luck.12 week.plan best decision i made last year and joining this forum x

  • You have lost 3 stone....brilliant :-)

  • Yes since april.i feel like a different person.this forum has helped me so.much.

  • You go girl!!! :) xx

  • Thank you.... how are you doing xx

  • I’m feeling really positive too. I’ve measured myself and started back at the gym and am eating healthily. I’ve not taken a photo of me in underwear tho.....I just don’t wanna see that!!!!

    Let me know how fitsteps is - is that a step class? xx

  • It is a dance fitness class produced by Strictly dancer Natalie Low...search it on the internet...it looks great fun....I will message when I get home and let you know how it went.

  • Good for you. Kids are still off school but next week I will be joining you. Have got to get motivated.

  • What a wonderful positive post Primrose68 😊. Very well done on a successful 2 days, these are the most difficult. The longer you stick to plan the easier it gets

  • Thank you x

  • Well done Primrose68 stick to it ! my week is going well so far will see on weigh day, enjoy the class something I miss due to my m.s and fatigue I do what I can but my mobility scootr doesn't use up a lot of calories 😮 it just means I can't inhale chocolate 🤐 have a great week x

  • Thank you

  • Congratulations!!! You make me want to move into a health program and exercise minus the underwear picture. haha Please let us know how you are doing. The strength in you words you are a winner!!! Best wishes on your journey.

  • Wow....thanks so much....I am having a great time so far....so many changes in my body already...energy levels up.... less sdluggish...eating at the table with tv off....eating slower...it's all good x

  • Well done.. making new habits can be daunting but isn't it so exciting 😀

  • Indeed.

  • Well done for a great start to a new you.

    Don’t think I could take a picture of myself like that. Good idea though.

  • Do it.... honestly....do it! So liberating and kind of fun....it is our underwear which pinches first as we grow so if you really want to see your results...it is your underwear which will losen first. We all use clothes to hide who or what we are...I am all for owning it! Accept who we are...love all of our inches and then with respect lose them...when I take my pic again in in 12 weeks I will be thrilled...I am sure of it ☺

  • I just love your positive attitude.

    I’m nearly convinced to do it now but I would say that after my session at the gym. Feel quite good myself tonight 😀

  • It is great you go to the Gym....the only thing in life I find intimidating!

  • It is a bit intimidating to start with but there are many people who are normal -overweight, old and unfit. They probably out number the super fit gorgeous people x

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